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Sichuan has more than lovely Giant Pandas. Its eastern fertile plain and lofty mountainous region in the west give it the big name as “the Land of Abundance”. Sichuan is home to gorgeous natural wonders and cultural heritages in China and Chengdu is the place where you embark upon your journey.

Travelling around Sichuan, you will get a closer interact with the adorable Giant Pandas, visit the cliff-carved Leshan Giant Buddha by boat or foot, climb up the sacred Buddhist Mt. Emei, walk around the ancient Dujiangya Irrigation System and Taoist Mt. Qingcheng, trek around the heavenly Jiuzhai and Huanglong National Parks, capture the superb view of Mt. Gongga and Daocheng Yading, etc.

As a leading local tour operator based in Chengdu, we specialize in Sichuan tour from Chengdu to Panda Bases, Jiuzhai and Huanglong Valley, Leshan and Mt. Emei, etc. Having a strong team of Sichuan tour experts, we can not only offer you the most classic Sichuan travel routes, but also help you arrange the in-depth adventures, like entry-level mountaineering, off-the-beaten-track trek, biking tour, Sichuan Tibet train/overland tour, etc. With tourist-friendly booking, flexible pickup, fluent English-speaking guides, and tour safety guarantee, we promise to ensure you a hassle-free travel in Sichuan and beyond.

Most Popular Sicuan Tour Packages

There are a lot of tour packages you can choose from when touring around Sichuan, which can make your adventure in Southwest China much more exciting. From enticing food tours that include Sichuan Cuisine Museum and spectacular options to visit the giant pandas, to tours of some of Sichuan’s most outstanding scenic areas. These can include places like Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, as well as Mount Emei and the Leshan Buddha, to name a few.

Top Travel Destinations in Sichuan

As well as the amazing panda bases, there are plenty of great travel destinations in Sichuan Province. From the beauty of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong to the wonders of Leshan and Emei Cities, the ancient Dujiangyan Irrigation System, and the Litang Grasslands in the west. Or take a trip to visit some of Tibetan villages in western Sichuan, where the ancient Tibetan culture still exists.

  • Chengdu
  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Leshan
  • Dujiangyan
  • Daocheng
  • Siguniang
  • Gongga
  • Songpan
  • Danba
  • Ruoergai
  • Lugu Lake
  • Genie
  • Yala
  • Seda

Sichuan Themed Tour

The diversity of tourism resources in Sichuan offers you multiple choices for travel. From the intimate Giant Panda tour and western Sichuan cultural tour to the challenging trekking and biking tour, even the world-classic G318 overland road trip or Tibet train tour to Lhasa, you have loads of options.

Sichuan Tour from China

If a tour of Sichuan alone is not enough, then you can also include other popular destinations on your adventures in China. You can start in Beijing or Shanghai, experiencing the wonders of these vast metropolises, travel first to Xian, home to the Terracotta Warriors, or begin in the Pearl River city of Guangzhou. You could even start your trip with a tour of the amazing Hong Kong, one of the main gateways to ancient China.

Sichuan Tour from International Countries

If you are starting your tour from outside China, there are also options for tours from a number of different locations with international flights to Sichuan’s Shuangliu International Airport. You can fly in from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and many other locations across Asia, as well as more than a dozen global locations outside Asia for your epic tour of Sichuan Province.

More Frequent Asked Questions on Sichuan Tour

Q1. Top things to do in Sichuan - where to go in Sichuan?

Sichuan Province has a wealth of attractions that are worth your time to visit. One of the oldest regions of China, you can watch entrancing operas in Chengdu, or enjoy some local tea while you play Majhong in the beautiful Renmin Park (People’s Park) in central Chengdu.

Alternatively, if you want to get out and about, you can enjoy the hiking in the Jiuzhaigou, a region of three stunning valleys, and visit the beauty of the Huanglong National Park. You can also head to one of the more outlying panda centers, such as Dujiangyan, to enrol in their panda volunteer program. Or head south to climb down the giant 72-meter high Leshan Buddha, before visiting the famous and holy Mount Emei, and enjoying the distinct local cuisine.

Q2. Best time to visit Sichuan - what’s the Sichuan weather like?

Sichuan lies in the Southwest of China, and is a monsoon region with heavy rains in the summer months. This makes the best time to visit Sichuan in the spring and autumn, from March to June and September to November. The monsoon rains are heavy from July to August, and while it can get a little cold in winter, it is still a good time to visit for those dry sunny winter days.

Q3. How to get to and travel around Sichuan - flight, train and highway?

You can fly to Sichuan to the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport from more than 100 international countries, as well as from almost every city in China with an airport. Alternatively, you can take the bullet or standard trains from across China to reach Chengdu, and the trains can make a good option for traveling around the province, which has some good rail connections. If you want to drive, you will have to rent the car with a driver, as international tourists are not permitted to drive in China. But the southwest of China has some good bus connections, both local and long distance, for those that prefer public transport.

Q4. Where to stay in Sichuan - from 5starred hotel to youth hostel?

Sichuan Province has thousands of places to stay, from the most luxurious five-star hotels to some of the most basic guesthouse accommodations and youth hostels. From the Chengdu Skyline International and the Holiday Inn Express to the Fang An Hotel or even the Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel, you can find accommodation to suit any budget or requirement in Sichuan.

Q5. Where and what to eat in Sichuan?

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan, and the best place for enticing restaurants with delicious food. Some of the best restaurants in Chengdu include the Lao Ma Tou Hotpot, famous for its Sichuan Hotpot dishes, the Qin Shan Zhai, and the Ming Ting Fan Dian, to name a few. Sichuan cuisine is an amazing style of cooking that has developed over the course of thousands of years, and is noted for its spicy tastes and variety of flavors. From the famous Twice-cooked Pork Noodles, to plump wontons and cowpea noodles, and the famous Sichuan Dumplings, you are spoiled for choice when dining in Sichuan Province, home to the most famous Chinese cuisine in the world.

Q6. Is Tibet Travel Permit required for visiting Tibetan areas in Sichuan?

While you will need the Tibet Travel Permit for visiting the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), it is not necessary for any of the areas of Tibetan inhabitancy outside the TAR. The autonomous prefectures in Sichuan’s western area are outside the TAR, and do not require a permit to visit. So you can get all of the history, culture, and religion of Tibet, without visiting the region itself.

Q7. How to Plan a classic Sichuan tour? And how much does a Sichuan trip cost?

Our six-day tour of Sichuan Province is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful part of Southwest China. And at around 750 US dollars per person, this is a good value-for-money experience.

The first day is a trip out of Chengdu to the beautiful Jiuzhaigou Valley, driving through beautiful countryside with grasslands, yaks and sheep, and beautiful views. After arriving in Jiuzhaigou, you can relax for the rest of the day, and explore the town. In the morning of the second day, you will get to explore the beauty of the three valleys of Jiuzhaigou, with its nine Tibetan villages and stunning landscapes. The third day takes you to the amazing Huanglong National Park, filled with a myriad of beautiful sights, from the thousands of colourful travertine ponds and the snow-capped peaks to the dense forests of deciduous and evergreen trees, as well as Juniper and Rhododendron. A veritable fairyland on earth, as it has often been described. After the Huanglong Park, you will travel back to Chengdu, making a couple of spectacular stops along the way. The first is at the beautiful highland lake at Diexihaizi, and then at the White Stone Village of the Qiang Minority, one of the many ethnic minorities in Southwest China. On the fifth day, you will head out to visit the Chengdu Panda Base in the suburbs of the Sichuan capital, where you can see the pandas in their natural habitats, and enjoy feeding time, and even the baby pandas if there are any in residence. Then you will drive south to Leshan, where you will get to climb down from the top of the giant 72-meter Leshan Buddha, following an ancient path carved into the cliff. In the afternoon, you will head west from Leshan to the foot of Mount Emei, one of the holiest mountains in China, regarded as a “place of enlightenment” in Buddhism and believed to be the source of the Shaolin form of Chinese boxing. In the morning, you will head up to Leidongping, from where the cable car will bring you up to the famous Golden Summit and the renowned Huazang Temple, with its magnificent views above the clouds. Then trek down to the middle section of the mountain, to visit the Monkey Zone, the Qingyin Pavilion, and the Wannian Temple. Then it is back down to the Wuxiangang Bus Station for the trip down the hill to meet the bullet train to head back to Chengdu.

Above is just a sample. And the actual cost of a Sichuan tour largely depends on how long you are staying in Sichuan, and where you are staying. The longer you stay, the more the trip costs, and your accommodation adds to the cost of the trip. Luxury hotels are obviously much higher in cost than a budget backpacker dormitory. For more information on the exact cost of your tour, contact our helpful and professional tour consultants, who would be happy to help you decide on your first Chengdu trip.

Q8. Why we choose

Third Pole Tour is one of the leading local tour operators in Sichuan Province, and we specialize in tours of this beautiful province, from the capital of Chengdu to the amazing panda centers and the beautiful scenic areas that are unique to this part of Southwest China. Our team of tour experts can offer you the most stunning tours around Sichuan, guided by expert and knowledgeable local tour guides, as well as offering more adventurous tours, including some entry-level mountaineering, biking adventures, and awesome overland tours. With friendly, English-speaking guides and easy booking, we can give you the best hassle-free tours of Sichuan and Southwest China.

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