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Welcome to Tibet, a purely spiritual realm nestling on towering Tibetan Plateau. Marked by clear blue sky, majestic Himalayan vista, and fervent Buddhist vibes, for centuries, Tibet remains to be the paradise of spiritual seekers, mountain adventurers and intrepid travelers, etc.

We listen to your specific needs and help you customize the adventurous Tibet tour you’ve dreamed of. By securing your Tibet permit whilst ensuring smaller details like flight, Tibet train, hotel booking, etc., you will be freed from intricate preparations and fully embrace the authentic Tibet experience.

Let’s us hear your wanderlust and we promise to make your amazing Tibet experience happen!

Tibet Group Tour Packages

Cost-effective and exceedingly flexible, touring Tibet in a small group (12-13pax/ group) is probably the best choice for the most of international tourists. Our group tour packages cover the highlights of alpine landscape and sacred Buddhist sites across Tibet. You can easily book a tour from multiple fixed departure dates within a week. Each client can receive evenly care from our Tibetan guide. Totally free of detours and random forced shopping, travelling within a small group is also a great chance to make friends with likeable global travelers. Sounds cool? Check the classic Tibet group tours below, and let’s hit the road together.

Customized Tibet Tour Packages

Exploring Lhasa and beyond in your own way! Our customized Tibet tour packages are tailor-made for discerning travelers to actively engage in the making of your Tibet travel. Not only can you customized the tours within Lhasa city and its surroundings, you may also enjoy the off-the-beaten route from Lhasa to EBC, holy Mt.Kailash and even follow the epic road trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. With great flexibility and strong support from our Tibet travel expert team, all you need to do is telling your ideas, travel date and activities and the rest is for us to take care of.

Travel Tibet by Themes

Tibet is full of infinite opportunities for exploration. If you find a particular activity or means of travel especially captivating to you in Tibet, then why not take a look at of our diverse thematic Tibet tours we handpick below for you? From scenic Tibet train tour and dynamic cycling tour to epic overland road trip to EBC or Mt. Kailash, etc. , our professional team can help you arrange the best travel route and guarantee your safety on lofty Tibetan plateau. For cultural explorer and fans of outdoor activities, the top treks to jaw-dropping Himalayan regions and enchanting Tibetan villages and holy Buddhist monasteries, etc. will leave lasting memories.

Top Destinations in Tibet

Tibet, the land of snow, offers much to explore. You can find a wonderful tour in different destiantions in this land.

Most Asked Questions about Tibet Travel

1. What travel documents do I need when traveling to Tibet?

Basically, you need to have Chinese Visa to fly from your country to mainland China and Tibet Travel Permit to board the flight or Tibet train to enter Tibet. For Tibet permit, you need to email us the photo image of your Chinese visa page, passport information page and your photo image for the application.

If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal, Group Tourist Visa and Tibet Permit will be needed. Our office in Kathmandu will help you get group tourist visa.

2. When is the best time to travel Tibet?

Overall, the best time to visit Tibet lasts from April to June and Sept to Oct. However, for a particular activity, the situation varies slightly. If your main goal is for outdoor activities like cycling, trekking, mountaineering, then mid-April to May and Sept to Oct would be the best time to come. For budget travelers, touring Tibet during its off season (end of Oct to around mid-Feb) would be the best time, you can enjoy many discounts and fervent Buddhist atmosphere. June to early Sept would be the monsoon season.

3. What is the best way to get to Tibet from mainland China?

Well, the best way to reach Tibet from mainland China is via Tibet Train. Cost-effective, and highly efficient, it gives you the chance to experience the world’s highest railway on Tibetan Plateau. And the train ride can give you more time for acclimatization compared with drastic ascent by flight to Tibet. Of course, if you have a tight schedule, the flight should be your first option.

4. How can I get to Tibet from Nepal?

There are two ways to travel from Kathmandu, Nepal to Tibet. One is by non-stop flight (around 90mins) from Kathmandu to Lhasa and the other is via epic Kathmandu-Lhasa overland road trip through Gyirong border, current Sino-Nepal overland border.

5. Do I have worry about altitude sickness?

Well, there is definitely no need to panic! The key to avoiding acute altitude sickness is to follow the rule of the gradual ascent. It’s common for most of the newly-arrived tourists to have symptoms like shortness of breath, headache, and dizziness and fatigue, insomnia, etc. Do not exert yourself like jumping and running, having a good rest in the hotel, you will gradually acclimatize to the Tibetan plateau in around a couple of days in Lhasa.

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