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We are committed to making the authentic Third Pole (Tibetan Plateau) accessible. We've got a professional team of travel experts with decades of travel experience in the high land, and the relationship we connect with the Tibetans is not just the business, but also the friends and families. So when you travel with us, they will treat you like a family and friend too.

Our passionate local trip leaders and experienced trip designers are true insiders and always give their best efforts to show our travelers the real culture, people, religion and views of the Tibetan Plateau with taking care of all the details on the road. We are not another sightseeing travel agency, but a reliable tour operator organizing the once-in-a-lifetime trips to the Holy High Land of Western China.

What is Exactly a Third Pole Tour

The Third Pole mainly refers to the Tibetan Plateau, also called Tibetan Highlands or Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, vast high plateau of Western China. It encompasses all of the Tibet Autonomous Region and much of Qinghai province and extends into western Sichuan province, southern Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang and northern part of Yunnan province. Most of the destinations are the off the beaten tracks with wild views, primitive cultures, devout people and unexploited landscapes.

3rdpole Travel Experts

Our Travel Experts

Everyone has a Plateau dream trip, but making it happen is hard work - searching for the right information, making the best choices, learning the local customs, worring about the language barrier between English and Tibetan, looking into the incomplete transportation system...

We are a diverse group of travelers, and have 5 years of experience crafting travel packages to the Tibetan Plateau. We've done the research and searched far and wide for the best hotels, tours, vehicles, local guides and trip leaders. And we've honed our itineraries to make the most out of precious vacation days. We're here to help you travel the way you want. We are here to make your lifetime adventure trip happen.

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