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The Tibetan Plateau, also known as the "Third Pole", is the only polar region with much human existence as opposed to the Antarctic and the Arctic. The intriguing culture here, esp. the Tibetan Buddhism, and mind-blowing scenery on the roof of the world have inspired numerous adventurous souls for exploration here.

We, the 3rdpoletour, are the pioneer of in-depth travel on Tibetan plateau. We are committed to bringing the best of 3rd pole tour experience to your side. The landscape here is as beautiful as it is forbidding: craggy snow-tipped Himalayan peaks, treacherous mountain roads, and turquoise alpine lakes and vast yak-grazing prairies and cliff-side Buddhist monasteries, etc. And we strive to offer you the most professional and tourist-service to facilitate your travel.

The journey here is long, yet the memories earned are eternal.

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Passionate about adventure and discovery, we are the best team for Qinghai-Tibet Plateau exploration. we empower you not only with handpicked group tour itineraries but also theme tours like active 4+2 driving and mountain biking, horseback safari, and highland trekking and in-depth local culture and customs exploration, etc. We listen to your needs, and work with you to map out your ideal tour with great comfort and flexibility.

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What is the Third Pole

The Third Pole literally refers to the highest plateau on our planet, i.e. Qinghai-Tibet plateau (also known as Tibetan Plateau) in China, with an average elevation of above 4000m. Boarding majestic Himalayan peaks, the Tibetan Plateau covers the entire Tibet (TAR) and extends to parts of western Sichuan, Yunan, and Qinghai, Xinjiang and Gansu. Not only is is where Mt. Everest, the world's summit, lies but also is home to a diverse cultural and historical heritage in the world. The mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, exotic Tibetan life, and the world-known Silk Road, and a kaleidoscope of ethnic cultures and jaw-dropping landscapes, etc., are big enough to keep you spellbound.

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Why Travel with Us

  • Bountiful Tour Products

    Cultural exploration, 4+2 cycling, trekking, mountaineering, and other outdoor adventure, etc.,;whatever your interest, our diverse tour itineraries and different travel categories leave you much room for varied choices. Covering the entire land of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, we offer you massive tours in Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunan, and Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Gansu. Our travel consultants will help you customize your tour based on your tour date, interests and other personal preferences.

  • Active Travel

    "Creating your own lasting tour experiences" You are more than welcome to tailor make your own travel. Besides our organized group tour, you have infinite opportunities to make your long-awaited journey happen exactly the way as you want. We encourage you to have an authentic experience by walking and cycling to go into the off-the-beaten tracks where indigenous culture and custom exist. Simply by traveling like a local, our guide will bring you an authentic travel experience.

  • Professional Service

    Pack your necessary stuff and travel light. There is no need to worry about logistic supply and safety because our local travel experts are with you and a whole backup team is following you and is ready to offer prompt help. We help you secure Tibet Travel Permit, Tibet train ticket booking and necessary travel documents to all parts of Tibetan Plateau. The pro gears for highland trekking, mountaineering, and mountain biking and pilgrimage, motorcycling and self-driving, etc. are prepared for you.

How to Book with Us

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    Make an Online Enquiry

    Sending your online enquiry is the best option. Our travel consultants will give your professional consultancy and quick response within 24h, for free. If you have no access to the internet, please feel free to give us a call (86)-28-85552138.

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    Decide the Details

    After listening to your tour date, specific activities, and other personal preferences, our travel consultants will work with you to plan the details for your tour. Both group tour and a customized tour are available. And they will inform you plenty of information as to dos and don’ts for preparing our upcoming journey.

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    Finish the Payment

    Our travel consultants will instruct you a viable means of payment for you, whether through wire transfer or credit card or a certain amount of deposit and on-the-spot payment later, you can do it at your most convenience.

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    Enjoy Your Tour

    Then, we will take care of the rest for you, leaving you fully relaxed for a real adventure. All you need to do is waiting for your vacation.

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  • Wonderful Panda Volunteer Job Experience

    As a big fan of lovely pandas, I dreamt to do a panda volunteer job. Thanks to Leon, my personal travel advisor from 3rdpole tour, who helped me to fulfill my dream. I took a one day panda volunteer job in the more


    Reviewed 21 June , 2017


  • What An Unforgetable Trip to the Western Sichuan

    We were a team of 13 people who visited Kangding, Danba and Ma'erkang with 3rdpoletour.com. Our travel advisor who arranged the tour for our team was very efficient and our trip leader Alex was a very profissional and experienced ......more


    Reviewed 28 May , 2017


  • As a big fan of panda, I love this volunteer job

    Leon was very helpful to arrange a day volunteering for us and July, our travel guide was excellent. They took care of every little thing in our tour.

    The panda volunteer job started in the morning. ......more


    Reviewed 26 October , 2016


  • Enjoyable Trip & Good Service

    We visited the Panda Base in Chengdu with Summer from 3rdpole tour. She is a kind hearted guide and very knowledgeable. We arrived in the panda base in the morning, when the pandas were quite active. It was great to get ......more


    Reviewed 04 May , 2016


  • One Day Panda Volunteer Job in Dujiangyan Panda Base

    Thanks to Leao, who was my personal travel advisor from 3rdpoletour.com. He always offered my quick responce and was efficient in getting my plans established and confirmed. I had a one day tour in Dujiangyan Panda Base where I took a more


    Reviewed 04 May , 2016


  • Quick Respons and Good Arrangement

    I traveled the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base with 3rdpoletour.com in Aprial, 2016. It could be a lifetime memory that I just hug the lovely panda for a seconds. Thanks to 3rdpole tour staffs who gave me a quick respons and ......more


    Reviewed 25 April , 2016


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