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Indisputably, the best way to embrace a pure travel experience is on foot. Follow the enchanting mountain trails to remote Tibetan villages; learn to pitch camps and cook food with the help of versatile guide; explore the cliff-side Buddhist hermitage; or push your limits to reach a higher mountaintop, etc. As the trek continues, the teamwork spirit is built and a lasting friendship is forged. You soak up the vibes of exotic local culture and regain inner peace when getting closer to nature.

For both entry-level travelers and experienced trekkers, we promise to offer the best professional help to make your ideal trek happen! As a prestigious local tour operator based in Lhasa and Chengdu, we provide you with the top treks covering both Sichuan and Tibet. We listen attentively to your needs, work with you to map out the perfect trekking route and offer you the fullest technical and logistic support, with 100% safety guarantee. So, join us for an adventurous trek to remember!

Recommended Trekking Tour Packages

With over 10 years of trekking tour running experience, we handpick the most popular treks covering both Sichuan and Tibet. For both solo travelers and outdoor enthusiasts travelling with your friends or relatives, you may easily tailor make your trekking tour. From the world-class trek in EBC in Tibet to popular scenic trek in Mt. Siguniang in Sichuan, etc., you will experience distinct landscapes and culture in the following tours. Just tell us our tour date and activities and other preferences, the rest is for us to take great care of.

Best Trekking Destinations in Third Pole

Of course, in addition to the most popular treks in Tibet and Sichuan, we also offer classic treks in Yunnan and other action-packed treks in other parts of Tibet and Sichuan. These best trekking destinations will give you a panoramic view of abundant trekking resources in China. And hopefully, you will find it easier to locate your favorite trekking route from our diverse trekking products.

Why Trekking with Us

  • Quick Reply within 24 hours

    Once when we got your inquiry, our travel consultants would be able to give you the quickest reply via email within 24 hours. Our seasoned travel consultants will give you professional advice and work with you to plan the details of your trek.

  • Experience Trekking Guide

    Hospitable and dedicated, all of our trekking guides have more than 5 years of guide experience in a particular region. They are well versed in Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese culture and history. With fluent spoken English and first-aid skills, they are your best guarantee for safety and a pleasant journey.

  • Kinds of Trekking Routes

    All the trekking routes are surveyed by our trekking gurus in person. Each trekking route is laden with picturesque scenery and unique religious and historical significance. You can easily follow our current trekking routes or customize your routes after discussion with your travel consultants.

  • Professional Support

    For our clients, we office entry-level trekking gears rental services, such as trekking pole, tent and sleeping bags, etc. To facilitate your trekking, an extra van or yak caravans loaded with logistic supply and chief and mountain guide will follow you throughout the trek. Meanwhile, we help you get all the travel documents for trekking esp. in Tibet.

Common Questions about Planning a Trekking Tour in Third Pole

  • Q: When is the best time to trek?

    Well, coincidently the best time to trek in Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan is pretty much the same. The high season would be from Mid-April to May and Sept. to Oct. Whether in Tibet or Sichuan and Yunnan, you will be rewarded with clear blue sky with perfect visibility. Of course, the scenery would be much different. In Sichuan, you will enjoy stunning full-bloomed flowers in spring, while in Tibet, the air is cool but as eye-blinding shine comes out, you won't feel cold at all. And Yunnan is basically an ever-green destination. Travelling in these timeframes, you will get stunning photos of lofty peaks as you see in the National Geographic Magazine. Generally avoid the monsoon season from June to early Sept, when unexpected downpours would cause mudslide make travel difficult and dangerous in Sichuan and Yunnan. However, In Tibet, most of the heavy rain won't last too long. Just make sure you double check the week-long weather forecast before your departure.

  • Q: Will I get high altitude sickness while trekking in the area?

    The key to avoiding AMS or acute altitude sickness is not to ascend drastically. One thing to remember is that trekking is a physically demanding and spiritually challenging outdoor sport. And almost all trekkers will experience mild symptoms of altitude sickness, ( esp. in places above 3000m ) such as shortness of breath, and fast pulse and headache, and fatigue, dizziness, etc. But, there is no need to panic! Just following the instruction! Your guide will help you avoid the unnecessary troubles. You may also bring some altitude sickness relief medicines. If the discomfort persists, do tell your guide. The well-train guide will decide whether to retreat back or looking for timely medical treatment.

Eager to Go? Still have some questions or already got your own travel ideas? Please feel free to contact us. Our experienced travel experts on the Third Pole will help you arrange your trip according to your requirements.

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