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As a crucial gateway to Tibet, Qinghai serves as the beginning of Tibet train. Leaving from Xining, Tibet train runs through entire Qinghai Province and further travels to Nagqu till Lhasa. Too many, Qinghai is a frontier place where Han, Tibetans and Hui ethnic groups coexist. Though being the fourth largest province in China, it ranks as the third least populated region. It's a perfect place to enjoy a rare chance of solitude when visiting enchanting Qinghai Lake, the largest saline lake in China, or to make a tour to prestigious Gelugpa Kumbum Monastery in Xining. The exotic melting pot of various ethnic groups and holy mosque and wholesome Muslim dishes are worth to stop by.

As a leading tour operator running Qinghai tour to Tibet, we promise to offer our clients customized tour services to cover landmark attractions in entire Qinghai and all the way to Tibet via Tibet train. By securing your Tibet train ticket and Tibet Permit, you can enjoy a hassle-free journey in both Qinghai and Tibet.

Recommended Qinghai Tour Packages

Here are the classic Qinghai travel tour routes. You can join in a tour to appreciate the beautiful Qinghai Lake, special Chaka salt Lake, and the holy Kumbum Monastery, etc. Now, let's start the journey to Qinghai!

Travel Qinghai by Themes

Though there are not as many attractions as those in Yuan or Sichuan, Qinghai can be visited in different ways. And each will bring you a lasting memory. Our following thematic tours focusing on cycling around Qinghai Lake, and Qinghai-Tibet overland road trip and Qinghai to Tibet tour via Tibet train, etc will give you more practical ideas as to how to arrange the day to day tour in both Qinghai and Tibet.

Most Asked Questions about Qinghai Travel

1. Where can I get the train to Tibet?

Well, a highly recommended way is to take Qinghai-Lhasa train to reach Tibet, which is also the essence part of Tibet train. It takes around 20:55Hours, both soft sleeper and hard sleeper and hard seat are available. You can take a taxi or bus (No.11, NO.16, No,1) to Xining West Railway Station. And the address is Jiangguo Road, Chengdong District, Xining.

2. What are the top things to do in Xining?

In fact, it depends on your interest and how long you stay in Xining. Overall, for the newcomers, it's a must-do to cycle around Qinghai Lake, take photos in Chaka Salt Lake and tour prestigious Kumbum Monastery and visit Xining Dongguan Mosque and taste the local food in Muslim quarter.

3. How to visit Qinghai Lake from Xining?

Bascially, you can take a bus or book a private van to visit Qinghai Lake. There are multiple departures for buses travel from Bayi Passenger Transport Station, Xining to Qinghai Lake. Of course, it is not as convenient as hiring a private car or booking transfer service with a travel agency. In this case, you can stop and take photos wherever and whenever you want.

4. When is the best time to visit Qinghai?

The best time to visit Qinghai would be in summer, or roughly from May to Oct. It's a time when the lakeshore is blanketed with massive rapeseed flowers in full blossom. With a temperature of no more than 18?, it's the perfect time for photography and cycling and other outdoor sports.

5. How do I get to The train station to Lhasa from the Caojlabao,Xining Airport?

Well, the most efficient way is to take a taxi. And it may take around an hour or so.

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