Mount Gongga Tour

With the main peak of 7,556 meters, Mount Gongga (Minya Kongka), praised as the "King of Shushan", is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Due to the climate of moist, snowy and very changeable, climbing Mt. Gongga is an extremely challenging and difficult, even than climbing Mt. Everest. Explore here and see more than 50 snow-capped peaks, and fascinating surroundings.

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Quick Facts of Mount Gongga (Minya Kongka)

  • Altitude:

    Mount Gongga (7,556m), Gongga Temple (3,750m)

  • Best Time to Go:

    All Year Round (especially late April to early June and October to mid-November)

  • What to See:

    Mount Gongga, Maritime Glaciers, Konka Monastery, etc.

  • How to Go:

    Tourists can get Mount Gongga by flight from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to Kangding Airport then take the shuttle bus to downtown Kangding and hire a car or walk to Laoyulin, the start point of the Mount Gongga hiking. Or you can take a long-distance bus to Luding, Hailuogou or Kangding from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station, Chengdu Shiyang Bus Station or Chengdu Chengbei Bus Station, and then rent a car to Mount Gongga.

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