3rdpole Tour Destinations

Encompassing the Himalaya-Hindu Kush mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau, The Third Pole area is named because this region stores more snow and ice than anywhere in the world outside the polar regions.

Covering the west regions of China, including Tibet, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Gansu, this region offers much to explore. You can see how the giant pandas live in their hometown, explore the Holy land Tibet, follow the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang, experience the colorful ethnic culture in Yunnan, etc.

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Our Thrid Pole Destinations

The Third Pole covers an area of more than 4,917,000 square kilometers, including the destinations of six provinces on Chinese territory. The altitudes are from -154m of Turpan to 8848m of Mount Everest.
Here you can browse our Third pole tours by regions to pick up one of your favorite tour from our kinds of tour packages in each destination.

Our Thrid Pole Destinations
Sichuan Tours

The land of abundance is famous for pandas, Jiuzhaigou, Lehshan Giant Bhudda, etc.

Tibet Tours

Come to explore the mysterious land at the roof of the world and experience the authentic culture and life style there.

Yunnan Tours

Enjoy the fine weather with stunning landscapes of mountains and rivers, as well as colorful ethnic culture.

Qinghai Tours

Qinghai offers the amazing view of Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and rich Tibetan religious heritages.

Xinjiang Tours

Have an exotic culture experience and majestic view of the desert along the ancient silk road.

Gansu Tours

Take the off-the-beaten-path to the upstream of Yellow River in Ganzu province to explore the rich culture of this land.

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More Popular Tours in 3rdplore

We've selected the top tour itineraries of the best destinations in third pole regions. Whether you are interested in a Panda tour in Chengdu, or go visit the Fairy land Jiuzhaigou; whether you want to experience the ethnic culture or keen on an adventure in the mountains, you could find something fit your needs.


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