Sichuan Cycling Tour

As one of the major gateways to Tibet, Sichuan, for its diverse terrain from east to west, is peppered with numerous scenic trails and backroads for cycling. From the pleasant weekend ride in Chengdu city and its surroundings to the world-known cycling route to Lhasa via Sichuan-Tibet Highway G318, and weeks-long loop tour to Mt. Gongga and even heading to Ruo'ergai prairie and Qinghai Lake in Xining, etc. Sichuan promises you an exhilarating experience for mountain biking.

With over 10 years of mountain bike tour running experience in both Sichuan and Tibet, we offer you the easy booking of 4+2 cycling adventures in Sichuan and beyond. Our biking gurus will work with you to customize you biking tour based on your stamina, tour date, and other personal preferences. We help you get all the necessary travel permits, and our team will travel with you in another motor vehicle to provide logistical supply and make sure you have a safe and thrilling ride.

Recommended Sichuan Cycling Tour Packages

With snowy lofty peaks, gorgeous valleys, and primeval forests and vast pastures and exotic Kham Tibetan regions, Sichuan is a perfect place for cycling. And we handpick the best mountain biking tours for you. From the famous ride to enigmatic Mt. Gongga to the epic 14day ride from Chengdu to Lhasa via challenging Sichuan-Tibet Highway and adventurous biking moving northwards from Chengdu to Hongyuan, Rou'er Gai and Flower Lake and finally end up in Qinghai Lake, etc., you have multiple choices for an exciting ride. Just tell us your need, tour date and other specific needs, our travel consultants will offer professional advice and help you tailor make the biking tours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sichuan Cycling Tour

  • Q: When is the best time to bike in Sichuan

    Well, basically the perfect time to enjoy cycling in Sichuan is in spring and autumn, which is roughly from mid-April to early June and Sept. to Oct. Interestingly, it overlaps the high season of travel in Tibet. Do avoid the rainy season (from July to Aug.) for mountain biking in Sichuan, the troubling downpours will trigger mudslide , floods and falling rocks in treacherous mountain trails in the rocky terrain of western Sichuan.

  • Q: How to plan a bike tour in Sichuan

    Firstly, book our 4+2 cycling tour. We offer the best professional help for designing your travel route and backup support, such as day-to-day logistics and travel permit and camping gears, seasoned biking guide, etc. Then get the quality cycling gears and bike parts needed. Next is to google online for the tips and travelogues of other cyclists traveling to the same travel route that you are about to enjoy. Don’t forget to get cheap flights online and Chinese visa beforehand to Chengdu.

  • Q: Packing list for a bike tour in Sichuan

    Since you will join a 4+2 cycling tour, you may not need to pack too many things. Travel light is the best option. Basic cycling gears like a quality mountain bike, helmet, bike repair parts are a must. Meanwhile, do remember to ring proper clothing for cold weather and rain. Besides, you can also bring personal items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm and toiletries, personal medicine, etc. Well, almost all the stuff you need can be bought in Chengdu. It’s advisable to send a small inquiry to your travel consultants before your departure

  • Q: What is 4+2 biking tour

    In fact, 4+2 biking tour means travelling by your mountain bike plus a 4-wheel motor vehicle travelling along with you to ensure your safety and provide timely logistical and technical support. This travel mode can help you get through treacherous mountain roads or give you nice ride when your energy is drained.

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