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Located at the far southwest of China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma, Yunnan is perhaps the most diverse province in entire China. Of 55 ethnic minorities in China, 51 are living in the region, providing a glimpse of China’s hugely varied mix of humanity. On this land of dramatic contrast lie an array of splendid landscapes: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dianchi Lake, and Stone Forest, colorful Yuanyang terraced field and sacred Sumtseling Monastery in Shangri-La, and raging Tiger Leaping Gorge, etc. It’s an earthly heaven for passionate photographers and intrepid explorers.

With years of cooperation with the top-rated local tour operators in Yunnan, we take you to tour romantic Kunming and Dali, meet Bai ethnic minority and trek to the most prestigious mountain and Buddhist site, etc. From shortest 2-day tour to in-depth weeks-long tour from Yunnan to Tibet, we promise the worry-free tour booking and full-fledged tour service to you.

Customized Yunnan Tour Packages

Free of random forced shopping, detours and hidden cost, our customized tour brings ultimate flexibility to tourists travelling with relatives and friends. For solo travelers with a particular interest yet have no idea of detailed planning, our travel consultants love to work with you to tailor make your tour. You can cover landmark attractions from Kunming to Jiansui, Yuanyang and Dali and further travel to Shangri-La and Lugu Lake.

Travel Yunnan by Themes

If you don’t have an exact place for a visit, instead, your interest lies in things like photography, and Yunan-Tibet overland road trip or cultural exploration to multiple ethnic groups in Yunnan, our diverse tour by different themes will help you make the right decision. Just tell us your date and activities and personal preferences, we would make a perfect Yunnan tour for you.

Top Destinations in Yunnan

Yunnan offers much to explore. You can find a wonderful tour in different destiantions in this land.

Most Asked Questions about Yunnan Travel

1. How to plan a trip to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang together?

Well, I suggest you spend 2 days in Kunming visiting enchanting city and birds and flower market and drive to stone forest in the suburb of Kunming; Then drive to Dali and spend 2 days to visit Cangshan Mountains and peaceful Er’hai Lake and finally move to Lijiang and cover the prestigious Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for around 3days.

2. When is the best time to visit Yunnan?

Well, Yunnan can be visited all year around. Overall, the best time to visit would be from Feb to May and Sept. to Oct. Spring would be the best time to visit full-bloomed flowers and terraced rice filed. While from April to May and Sept. to Oct. it’s an ideal time for trekking and photography in snowy mountains.

3. Can I travel from Yunnan to Tibet?

Well, currently, it’s not available to enjoy the overland road trip from Yunnan to Tibet. And the only option is to fly from Kunming (2h50m)or Shangri-La (2h5min) to Lhasa.

4. What is the distance between Kunming and Lijiang?

If you travel by train, it may take around 9 hours and by road about 8 to 10 hours depending on the road condition.

5. How to travel from Kunming to Jianshui?

You have two options: one is travel by train, but only hard seat is available. And a great choice is to take a bus with multiple departures.

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