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Sichuan Province, with its wealth of different attractions and long history, is an ideal place to visit for tours of a variety of different types. With everything you could want, from trekking and cycling tours, to some of China’s oldest cultures and the wondrous sight of the giant pandas, this Southwest Chinese province is one of the most popular destinations in China for international tourism today.

Sichuan is also a great stepping-off point for those wishing to continue on to the Tibet Autonomous Region, or just to visit the Tibetan areas within its boundaries. And don’t forget that spicy Sichuan cuisine while you are here. We have the best options for your themed tours of Sichuan Province.

Most Poupular Sichuan Theme Tour Packages

Our themed tours of Sichuan area great way to explore some of the best aspects of the province, not to mention the awesome sights and experiences Sichuan has to offer. You can choose from visiting and looking after giant pandas to climbing a giant Buddha statue or trekking through the mountains in the footsteps of great explorers.

Sichuan Travel by Theme

Theme travel is a great way to get the best of the type of tour you want to experience. Whether you want to explore the unique local culture, try out the amazing trekking trails, cycle through the beautiful landscapes and valley, or take a longer trip up to the Tibetan plateau, there is likely to be a themed tour that suits your individual needs.

More Frequently Asked Questions on Sichuan Theme Tour

Q1. Is it tough to trek in Sichuan?

Trekking in Sichuan is not as hard as trekking in Tibet, but the trails are not always easy. Western Sichuan, where majority of the treks can be found, is a rough and mountainous area, once inhabited only by bandits and raiders, though not for a great many years. The level of the trek in terms of demand depends on each individual trail, and while some can be intensely hard, even for experienced hikers, others are more relaxed and less physically demanding, and can be suitable for beginners and kids. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we can find the perfect trek for you.

Q2. Is there any limits for Sichuan Tibet overland and train tour?

While there are few limitations for the train tour, there are some requirements that you will need. This is mainly the requirement to be on a pre-arranged tour, and the need for the Tibet Travel Permit before you can travel. On the overland trip, you will also need to be on a pre-arranged tour and have the permit, but you will also need to have a driver, as foreign tourists are not permitted to drive in China.

Q3. How to get more featured and in-depth experiences in Sichuan?

If you are looking to get more in-depth on your Sichuan tour, and include other aspects that this Southwest Chinese province has to offer, then the best option is to speak to us and let us customize your tour to your own requirements. We can make a custom tour just for you, so that you can visit the sites you want to see, and travel where you want to go, and how, for the entire duration of the tour. Our professional and expert consultants can make your Sichuan tour dreams come true.

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Sichuan Theme Travel Guide

Sichuan Province is one of the most outstanding areas of China, and has a wealth of ancient and modern attractions that will make your trip to this “land of heaven's bounty” one of the best trips you have ever taken. So if you are considering visiting Sichuan, we have all you need to make this the trip of a lifetime.

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