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Mount Siguniangshan, also named Four Girls Mountain, is an AAAA National Park, which is well known for the adjacent mountains peaks: Dafeng (5025m), Erfeng (5276m), Sanfeng (5355m) and Yaomeifeng (6250m); and three main valleys: Shuangqiaogou, Changpinggou and Haizigou. It is one of perfect destinations in western Sichuan to plan a climbing tour to Dafeng and Erfeng or a hiking tour from Changpinggou to Bipenggou.

Most Popular Mount Siguniang Tour Packages has plotted out the most classic climbing routes through Mt. Siguniangshan range for mountaineering lovers and adventurers. For ordinary tourists, you can also enjoy the stunning scenery of Siguniangshan area and experience hospitality and cultures of local Tibetans on Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley hiking tour.

Quick Facts of Mount Siguniang

  • Altitude:

    Dafeng (5025m), Erfeng (5276m), Sanfeng (5355m) and Yaomeifeng (6250m)

  • Best Time to Go:

    All Year Round (especially June to August and October to November)

  • What to See:

    Mt. Siguniangshan Climbing, Changping Valley hiking to Bipeng Valley, Three Main Valleys, etc.

  • How to Go:

    Tourists can get to Siguniangshan Scenic Area by the regular long-distance bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station or rent a private car/van in Chengdu or Jiuzhaigou to Siguniangshan.

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