Sichuan Culture Tour

Bordering the easternmost part of Tibetan plateau, Sichuan abounds with rich natural resources and glorious cultural heritage in China. You can explore the three kingdom’s culture in Wuhou memorial temple in downtown Chengdu and trace the Bashu cultural heritage in Chongqing. Don’t forget the birthplace of Taoism in Mt.Qingcheng or follow the steep mountain trails to gaze at Leshan Giant Buddha and enchanting Tibetan villages in Jiuzhaigou Valley and beyond. As a major gateway to Tibet, the antique Tea Horse Road passing through here, making Sichuan a melting pot of Han, Tibetan and Miao and Qiang, etc. culture. A tour to all parts of Sichuan will reward you with diverse cultural experiences.

As a well-established local tour operator in Chengdu, we pool over 10 years’ tour resources and offer the best cultural tours in Sichuan. Totally free of detours, forced shopping and hidden cost, our tour services provide easy transport to all corners of Sichuan. Our English-speaking Sichuan travel experts will help you acquaint with highlights of Ba and Shu culture and intriguing Tibetan culture in western Sichuan.

Recommended Sichuan Culture Tour Packages

To make it easier for you to choose the most valuable tour destinations in vast Sichuan, we handpick the most popular Sichuan cultural tours for you. Starting from Chengdu, the following 6 tours covers the highlighted attractions in Chengdu basin and classic travel route to Leshan, Mt. Emei and heavenly Jiuzhaigou Valley. You will enjoy the tongue-numbing hot pot and lovely pandas in Chengdu and venture into exotic Kham Tibetan regions in highlands of western Sichuan. Both solo travelers and group tourists, our travel consultants will give you easy travel solutions and work with you to customize your Sichuan cultural tours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sichuan Culture Tour

  • Q: What is Kham Tibetan

    Kham refers to a large overlapping region of TAR with western Sichuan and parts of Qinghai, Gansu and northern Yunnan provinces. Mostly located in lofty Hengduan Mountain and easternmost parts of soaring Tibetan Plateau, the Kham region features amazing deep valleys and rugged mountain and boundless highland prairies, etc. Many of the landmark attractions in Sichuan can be found in such areas, such as Mt. Gongga, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Mt. Siguniang, and Shangri-La and Daocheng Yading, etc. Due to the high altitude (3500m on average), you can experience thin air and strong sunlight and arid climate. The huge temperature change between day and night is expected, just like that of Tibet. It’s a perfect place to explore Tibetan nomads and vast prairies.

  • Q: Is Tibet travel permit required to visit the Kham Tibetan area in Sichuan

    Well, for international tourists most parts of Kham regions, you can travel without any permit. You can freely enjoy the tour to Mt. Siguniang and Jiuzhaigou Valley and Mt. Gongga, Litang, and Derge and Batang, etc. Currently, Chamdo is not available for overseas tourists For you decide to visit uncertain areas, please feel free to send us an inquiry and our travel consultants will give you the latest travel policy information as to the tour in Kham region.

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