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Giant Panda, Giant Buddha & Mt. Emei, High Speed Bullet Train 2 days Tour

Tour Length & Outline:
2 Days & 1 Night
Chengdu - Leshan - Mt.Emei (1N) - Chengdu
Best Time to Visit:
all year round
Physical Demands:
Very leisure tour; zero physical demand

Trip Overview

This tour covers the most popular attractions in Chengdu and its nearby cities. You will see the cute pandas in Chengdu, World Culture and Nature Heritage - Leshan Giant Buddha and Emei Buddhist Mountain. Different from other cheap Chinese speaking group tour, our tour in E-mei Mountain includes both Golden Submit and the highlighted tourist zone located in the middle of Mt. Emei, which brings the full beauty of Mt.Emei to our clients.

Day By Day

Day 1: Chengdu to Mt. Emei, Visit Panda Research Base and Giant Buddha (180KM, 2 hours)

Giant Buddha in Leshan

The Majestic Giant Buddha in Leshan City

Chengdu Giant Panda

Chengdu Giant Panda

In the morning, the guide will meet you in your hotel and then wewill head to Chengdu Panda Research Center in about half an hour drive.You will catch pandas' feeding time, visit both adult and baby pandas houses and watch them eating fresh bamboo. After visiting Panda Center, we drive to Leshan with about 2 hours.

In Leshan, we visit the biggest sitting Buddha sculpture in the Lingyun Temple. The grand Buddha was completed in 803 of Tang Dynasty after 90 year's construction and enjoys the fame of the biggest sitting stone sculpture in the world, about 71- meter in height. Tour guide will take you to walk along the path built on the cliff face of the hill from the top of Buddha’s head to his toes, or you can choose taking a sightseeing boat from the pier to the water surface in front of Giant Buddha to watch the huge Buddha from the river.

In late afternoon, continue driving to the foot of Mt. Emei. In the evening, tour guide will take you to the Gourmet Street to enjoy the delicious local food of Leshan.

Overnight at the foot of Mt. Emei

Day 2: Visit Mt.Emei, Golden Submit & Middle Mountain Scenic Zone, back to Chengdu by Bullet Train (180KM, 1.5 hours)

Mount Emei Wannian Temple

Wannian Temple in Mount Emei

Mount Emei Golden Submit

Mount Emei Golden Submit

Morning going up to Leidongping, where you can take cable car to Golden Summit (Cable Car 120RMB not included in package), visit Huazang Temple, and enjoy the magnificent view of the clouds, mountains, forest. If weather is good, you will have chance to see clouds sea. Then go down to mid-hill scenic zone, you will have a trek along the path to visit Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Moneky Zone, etc, finally walk down hill to Wuxiangang bus station, from here you take tourist bus to go downhill.

In late afternoon, take Bullet Train back to Chengdu within only 1.5 hours.

Tour ends at Chengdu Railway Station.

Know Before your Go


Eating is a big part of traveling. Traveling with 3rdpoletour you will experience the vast array of wonderful local food that is only available in the places we visit. We have most of the breakfast in the hotels except for the camping; for the long-driving and transportation day the lunches are included as well; the featured local flavor dinner is arranged as well in some places. Included breakfasts will usually be asian style consisting of noodles or congee (rice porridge) or bread and eggs, although in some remote areas the choice maybe very limited. Generally, the food in the plateau areas is worse than in the morden cities of the plains, but it's much cheaper, about 3~10 dollars one person one meal. No group dinner.

For the Meals not included in the trip price, we would like to leave you a choice of eating options, to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where, when and what to eat. Our trip leader will be able to suggest favourite restaurants during your trip. Vegetarians will be able to find a range of different foods, although in some areas the choice may be limited.


In most of the 3rdpole area (Western Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Gansu) they might not be like what you are used to back home as service and efficiency can vary. In some areas we stay in simple local guest houses in stunning locations, and rooms are small and simple and there may only be shared toilet facilities and showers. But we guarantee to arrange the best local hotels for our guests. The accommodation condition of every night is shown on the itinerary description, please refer for the details.

Trip Leader

All 3rdpoletours trips are accompanied by one of our professional English-speaking trip leaders who are different from the tour guides you may book from most of the online China travel agencies. Our trip leaders are trained strictly and they are not allowed to take guests to commission shopping factories. All of them are our full-time staff and work 8 hours every day in our office to do the editing and website friendly design when they don't have the trip on the road. Not like most agencies who pay their guides and themselves with commision earnings, we put the cost of paying our guides a good wage straight into the tour price so they are happy and not reliant on guests spending money shopping to earn their own salaries. Thus they concentrate on your needs and being the best hosts to you that possibly can.

They know the areas like their backyards and have explored like hundreds of times. With a experience of more than ten years, everyone of them has served more than hundreds of guests from all over the world. They are responsible, trustworthy and have their own life experience and story to share which will add more fun and safety to your trip in the plateau highland.


We include all transportation during the trip except for the international flight or train, although you need to pay by yourself for the horse riding, cablecar, and more that are not included in the price quotation in some destinations.

We will be using a variety of types of vehicle on our trips, mainly depending on the number of your group. Land cruiser 4WD is the most popular vehicle in 3rdpole tourism that is suitable for rocky and bumpy road in off-the-bitten-path. Capacity of the vehicle is 4 passengers and bags can kept in the trunk. Most of our land cruiser are almost brand new. The van and mini-bus are mostly used for groups ranging from 5 to 15 people, and most of the vans and mini-buses are pretty new and in a very good condition. Buses are mostly used for bigger groups ranging from 20-40 people.

Our drivers are professional and always consider the safety and comfortable as the priority, although most of them don't speak English. It is our company policy to provice you with unlimited free drinking water, an air pillow and a headscarf for each one to make your driving more relaxing and comfortable.

Emergency Contact

Your trip leader is the one you could contact at the first place, should you need to contact us during a situation of dire need. If for any reasion you do not receive a satisfied answer, please call or email your travel consultant who organized the trip for you, and they will assist you 7/24. Our office number is 028-85552138, open 7/24.

Visa & Travel Pemit

Except Tibet, you can travel all of the destinations and cities of 3rdpole region with only a Chinese visa. For a visit to Tibet, we will apply for a Tibet travel permit for you in advance.


Tipping for your trip leader and driver is expected - though not compulsory - and shows an expression of satisfaction with them who have assisted you on your tour. Tipping is appreciated if they did an excellent job for you.

High Altitude Sickness

Average altitude in 3rdpole area is more than 2000M, and you may be worried about the altitude sickness. We prepare the medicine to reduce high altitude sickness symptoms. Please load this page to read the detailed information about the 3rdpole elevation and high altitude sickness.

Price Details & Guide

Price Inclusions
  1. Comfortable tour vehicle transfer for whole tour;
  2. Comfortable hotel (Quasi 4* Standard), 1 nights at the foot of Mt. Emei;
  3. Chinese Style Breakfast in Hotel;
  4. Entrance Fee of all tourist sites listed in itinerary;
  5. Sightseeing bus inside Mt. Emei National Park;
  6. English & Mandarin bilingual Speaking Guide Service;
  7. Bullet High Speed Train from Mt. Emei to Chengdu.
Price Exclusions:
  1. Tips to tour guide and driver, you are suggested to tip them 5 USD/day in total;
  2. Lunches and Dinners;
  3. Round-way Cable Car to and from Golden Submit (120RMB).
  4. 4% transaction fee is at the payer's side.
Itinerary Alteration

Once we receive your tour deposit, which is followed by signing the contract, your reservation is secured with legitimacy. Our staff will reserve the accommodation, vehicle, site tickets, meals and more, and pay the deposit for our suppliers. So if you want to alter to another itinerary, you need to cover the deposit we've paid, while no service charge is needed if you make some changes on the itinerary you booked.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel the tour because of your personal issues, you will be liable to pay cancellation charges that are bounded by 3rdpoletour.com cancellation policy as follows:

1.) If you cancel the tour more than 30 days before the trip starts, you will forfeit 10% of the total land cost per person;
2.) If you cancel the tour 15-30 days prior to your trip start date, 20% of your total land tour cost will be forfeited as a cancellation fee.
3.) If you cancel the tour 7-15 days before the trip starts, you will forfeit 30% of land cost.
4.) If you cancel the tour 7 days prior to your tour start date, you will forfeit 50% of land cost.
5.) If you fail to show up or cancel at your scheduled arrival time without prior notice or later than that, you will forfeit 100% of the land cost.

If the tour has to be cancelled because of the natural disaster or the government restrictions that is beyond both parties control, we will charge only USD50 per person, this is just the service fee and larbor fee during the preparation. This is a rare occurrence!



We are the pioneer in in-depth explore travel in the Tibetan Plateau - Western China and Nepal - which is praised as the Third Pole afte the Arctic Pole and the Antarctic Pole. A 3rdpole tour is more than a vacation. It is a chance to dive in to the home to many difference ethnic communities speaking more than 600 languages with enourmous cultural diversity and authentically explore the hidden corners and appreciate the last pure land of the world.


We are pretty proud of the trips on our website, not to toot our own horn or anything, but we really offer the widest variety of destinations, covering the regions of:
- Western Sichuan (Mt.Gongga, Four Girls Mountain, Yala Holy Mountain, Xidu Bridge, Seda, Danba, Lugu Lake, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong, Daocheng, Yading and more)
- Tibet (Lhasa, Namtso Lake, Everest, Mt.Kailash and overland to Nepal)
- Yunnan (Lijiang, Shangri-la, Dali, Shuanglang and Zhongdian)
- Qinghai (Xining, Qinghai Lake, Nian Bao Yu Ze)
- Southern Gansu (the wild Great Wall)
- Southern Xinjiang (the Silk Road, Ejin Banner)
- Nepal;
All of the destinations we show you here have the extremely gorgous views, very original local cutlture and customs, and rarely explored by the tourists with unpolluted environment - the blue sky, green rivers, blue/colorful lakes, green oasis, beautiful sunshine, romantic snow, rolling mountains, the blanket of stars, and boundless incredibly breathtaking scenery.


The region that encompasses the Himalaya-Hindu Kush mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau is widely known as the Third Pole because its ice fields contain the largest reserve of fresh water outside the polar regions. The Tibetan Plateau is the largest and highest region on earth and the source of the 10 major river systems that provide irrigation, power and drinking water for over 1.3 billion people - nearly 20% of the world's population.

The Third Pole region has enormous socioeconomic and cultural diversity; it is home to many different ethnic communities speaking more than 600 languages and many more dialects. It is endowded with rich natural resources and contains all or part of four global biodiversity hotspots.

For 35 years, 3rdpoletour.com has been perfecting the art of active travel. We are the Tibetan 3rdpole tour experts. See our award-winning Europe Italy walking tours and hiking tours, Europe Italy biking tours and Europe Italy multisport tours.