Best Time to Visit Jiuzhaigou in Early, Mid or Late October? - Detailed Jiuzhaigou Weather Condition in October

The most famous scenery of Jiuzhaigou is its golden autumn scenery. The leaves are yellow and red, the water is blue and green, and the air is fresh. Compared with winter, it’s more lively, and compared with spring, it’s more splendid, and compared with summer, Jiuzhaigou is more colorful. Therefore, October is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou. Before winter’s coming, tourist can maximumly enjoy the 6 famous beauty of Jiuzhaigou: green lake, banked waterfall, colorful forest, snowy peak, Tibet culture and blue ice. Jiuzhaigou attracts numerous visitors from the globe as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the northern Sichuan Province, the climate of Jiuzhaigou is, on the contrary, very different from the climate in Sichuan basin, which makes it more special and a charming place to visit. Knowing that October is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley within the whole year, tourists flock together during this period.

Colorful Jiuzhaigou in Autumn
Colorful Jiuzhaigou in Autumn

Weather of Jiuzhaigou Valley in October

The scenery in Jiuzhaigou varies from seasons. In spring, you would witness the ice and snow melting into waters and the buds sprouting. In summer, the flower in highland burst into bloom when the grassland turns into green. In Autumn, the world is as colorful as a fairy land with smurfs and goddess living in. In winter, Jiuzhaigou is all white and quiet. Snow tucks in the mountains, animals go back to their caves, birds stay in the nests and no one could break this peace.

Among all these sceneries, the most brilliant one is in autumn. If you come to Jiuzhaigou in October, you must be shocked by the banked golden forest and colorful views. In Early October, the weather of Jiuzhaigou is just like in September, the average daily low temperature is 11°C and the highest is 25°C. During this month, the temperature keeps going down. The weather in late October is cool that the average temperature is about 12°C with the highest reached 18°C when the lowest is only 6°C. In Sichuan basin, the temperature is relatively higher than in Jiuzhaigou because of the altitude. Thanks to the low temperature, the maple tree leaves could be so red.

The ultraviolet radiation and rainfall are keeping decrease from September. Only 15 days of October are rainy and about 50 mm total rainfall in October. Less rainfall causes less natural disaster like debris flow or landslide, which makes tourists feel more relieved.

Jiuzhaigou daily temperature in October
Weather Forecast of Jiuzhaigou in October for Reference

What to Wear when Visit Jiuzhaigou Valley in October

The average temperature in October in Jiuzhaigou is lower than in September, and the temperature difference is getting smaller as well. So we suggest that wearing a ventilate shirt for the day time and bringing a heavy coat and jacket for the cold weather in the night. It’s only 6°C. It’s no longer in the rainy season, but you’d better check the weather forecast to decide should or should not bring an umbrella with you. The higher altitude place may have frozen, which requires you prepare a pair of anti-slip sports shoes and professional hiking boots. In October, the ultraviolet radiation is not as strong as in September, but for the high altitude and thin atmosphere, the ultraviolet radiation would still hurt your skin. So a bottle of sum cream and a hat is essential if you don’t want to get hurt by the sunshine although you are wearing a long-sleeves shirt. At least use sun cream on your face.

Jiuzhaigou Altitude Sickness

Many visitors have experienced or are going to experience altitude sickness for the high altitude of Jiuzhaigou. Most of the lakes and sight views are located at the altitude between 2000 meters and 3000 meters high, and even the airport is built at 3500 meters. It is a challenge for people who barely go to high altitude places and experience a high altitude head. For example, coming to Jiuzhaigou from A‘ba feels more comfortable than from Chengdu because the altitude difference between Jiuzhaigou and A’ba is smaller.

In October, the oxygen in Jiuzhaigou would be less than in July or August, so it is not recommended for those who has heart disease, high blood pressure and other disease. Please contact your doctor before you go.

sights views at the high altitude area from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong
Sights Views at the High Altitude Area from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong

On the other hand, you can prepare a bottle of oxygen in advance if you know you might experience the altitude sickness. Also you can start to eat Rhodiolarosea, which is good for your body, half month ago before you go to Jiuzhaigou.

Animals in Jiuzhaigou in October

Jiuzhaigou’s ecosystems are classified as core scenic area and virgin forests, which turn to yellow, orange, golden and red in October. Jiuzhaigou is home to many plant species like rhododendron and bamboo. Also, Jiuzhaigou is one of the only three known locations for the threatened Duke of Bedford’s vole. In October, animals and birds are going to take the hibernation, but before that, they would go out and find some foods for the winter. You will find the forest full of energy and sounds, and you may encounter a Sichuan golden monkey.

 the Sichuan golden monkeys in Jiuzhaigou
Encountering the Sichuan Golden Monkeys in Jiuzhaigou

Avoid Visiting Jiuzhaigou in Early October

October 1st to 7th is the National Day Holiday, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is also in October. Avoid visiting Jiuzhaigou during this period, you will deeply feel the most majestic achievement of nature, which only exists in Jiuzhaigou. When the wind come, all the forest sing along together. The grass is whispering, the trees muffle, and the golden leaves fall down and scattering in the surface of lakes, and then drift with the water. When the wind is gone, the world is as quiet as nothing had happened. The plant just stands there, looking at the crystal water of the lakes, for years and years.

the crowded people in Jiuzhaigou
Jiuzhaigou is crowded with people in National Day Holiday

If you book your accommodation first and buy the tickets to Jiuzhaigou in October, you’d better prepared for the crowded tourists, the dirty environment, and heavy transportations. You can take a book with you when you are waiting in a line.

What to See in Jiuzhaigou in October

The most beautiful time of Jiuzhaigou is in October. The mountains turn into yellow and red, the water is ever more clean and clear, and the sky is so high and blue.

The landscape of Jiuzhaigou is consist of high-altitude karsts shaped by hydrological movements. The bottoms of these lake in Jiuzhaigou are visible more than 10-meter depth because of the high concentration of calcium carbonate, which is the reason that the lakes are extremely clear and penetrable. The sunshine passes through the lake water, light up the lake bottom, and cut the water into piece like jelly. Different lakes have different colors, and even within one lake, there are 5 colors, which is influenced by the surroundings, depths, and residues. In October, the warm mountains in yellow and red and golden reflect in cold, blue, green lake with a little white peak, which makes a charming picture.

charming picture in autumn
Charming Picture in Autumn

Near Jiuzhaigou, there is another scenery spot named Huanglong Scenic Area with much higher altitude, which is a major park within Jiuzhaigou area as a UNESCO Heritage Site as well. It is not as popular as Jiuzhaigou Park. No park buses ensure that visitors can enjoy the hundreds of colorful ponds during their hiking way. However, you may experience altitude sickness, so remember bring a bottle of oxygen. And the oxygen is also available at the top of Huanglong Scenic Area in case.

Huanglong Scenic Area
Multi-colored Ponds Put on Autumn Color in October

When is the Best Time to See Fall Foliage in Jiuzhaigou within October?

According to the red leaves index of Jiuzhaigou (see 2016 as a reference), the index in 1stto 7th, October is level 1, 8thto 16th is level 2, and from 17th, October to 5th, November, the level reaches to the peak, 3.

Jiuzhaigou Five Flower Lake in Late October
Jiuzhaigou Five Flower Lake in Late October

Level 1 means that 10% to 35% maple leaves are in yellow and turning into red slowly. In level 2, 35% to 60% maple leaves are between orange and red, which made a charming view as well. And level 3 represents that 60% to 95% maple leaves are red, purple and even crimson, during which time is considered as the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou.

Accommodation in Jiuzhaigou

It is highly suggested that book a room in advance because the visitor flow rate would sharply increase during October. The temperature in night is quite low so every room in hostels is equipped with electric blanket to keep you warm. In high-end hotels, the air-conditioner are well-equipped.

the well-equipped and high-end hotels in Jiuzhaigou
The Well-equipped and High-end Hotels in Jiuzhaigou

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