Is November too late for foliage color in Jiuzhaigou? - Detailed Jiuzhaigou Weather Condition in November

As a worldly popular UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jiuzhaigou is famous for its natural beauty especially the foliage color of leaves in different seasons. In November, the temperature starts to decrease when Jiuzhaigou turns to dry season. Because of the high altitude of Jiuzhaigou, within one month, all the leaves will fall off and the water will freeze, which is the best chance to feeling its change that there is a huge difference between early November and late November.

 Jiuzhaigou Landscape in November
Jiuzhaigou landscape in November

In the early November, there are still some colorful leaves in the forest. In the late November, Jiuzhaigou is covered by white snow, staying quiet and tranquility. Also, there will be fewer tourists during this period, and the prices of ticket, transportation and accommodation are accordingly lower than in October.

late November in Jiuzhaigou
Jiuzhaigou is covered by white snow in late November

Weather of Jiuzhaigou in November

The temperature of Jiuzhaigou in November is different from different periods as well as different years. It is highly suggested to check the weather condition one month earlier before you leaving home. Normally in the early November, when is the only chance to see colorful leaves in November, the highest temperature reaches 20°C and the lowest goes down to 2°C. The huge temperature difference requires tourists to bring enough clothes. In middle November, Jiuzhaigou may experience a strong hypothermia which would lower the highest temperature to 10°C and the lowest temperature to 0°C. The average temperature is about 4-5°C in Jiuzhaigou, and the good news is that you may enjoy the snow view of Jiuzhaigou in middle November. Fortunately, most of the days are sunny or cloudy. Starting from November, the amount of precipitation decreased, and Jiuzhaigou comes to dry season. The total rainfall on November is about 10. Therefore, the most essential thing is preventing fire.

 the daily temperature in November
Weather forecast of Jiuzhaigou in November for reference

What to Wear When Visit Jiuzhaigou in November

Usually, the normal autumn clothes are suitable, but bringing a warm overcoat is necessary as well if you want to spend more than 1 day in Jiuzhaigou, for the temperature difference. You may not come across pour rainfalls in November, but it is also recommended that taking an umbrella or hat with you. The altitude of Jiuzhaigou is higher than most places, so the UV is much stronger, which on the other hand requires sunshine cream. Rare rainfalls in November in Jiuzhaigou makes moisturizes essential for your skin and body, so don’t forget it. Moreover, a pair of comfortable water-proof shoes would make your journey much easier.

Jiuzhaigou Altitude Sickness

The altitude of Jiuzhaigou is about 2900 km. It is a challenge for some people who suffer from heart attack and hypertension. So it is not recommended for them. As for others, bringing an oxygen bottle with you and eating Rhodiolarosea half month before you going into Jiuzhaigou. Daily exercise also helps oxygen supply within your body.

Because of the high altitude, tourists can see the snow view way earlier than in plain.

Why Tour Jiuzhaigou in November

After October, the tourist traffic reduced a lot. Many people come to visit Jiuzhaigou in October to see the colorful leaves which are mainly red in this month. So in November, you can immerse in the beauty all by yourself. You don’t have to wait for 30 minutes to take a photo, and there wouldn’t be so many people in your pictures.

 the beauty sights in November
The beauty sights in November

Without huge tourists traffic, Jiuzhaigou comes back to quietness. The flights to Jiuzhaigou are fewer than those in October, but the plane ticket is more cost-effective than in October. The price of the entrance ticket to Jiuzhaigou is 70% off, the price of tour bus lower to 80 RMB, and the park allows you come back to Jiuzhaigou on the next day as long as you pay extra 20 RMB. It would be easier to find a comfortable and high-class hotel whose price is relatively lower and services accordingly better.

Is November Too Late to See Red Leaves in Jiuzhaigou

It depends on the exact weather condition. If you come to Jiuzhaigou in early November, there is still a chance to see foliage color in Jiuzhaigou. But in the late November, what waiting for you is winter view, which is also spectacular.

Besides, near Jiuzhaigou, some attractions like Guergou and Miyaluo are still in autumn in November, so that you can appreciate the red leaves there. Miyaluo, located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, is now the largest and most spectacular red maple scenic area in China with not only maples but also birch trees, hot springs and waterfalls. The 3,690 square kilometers place becomes a fairyland in October and November. Tourists can enjoy the natural majestic view while experience the special Tibetan and Qiang ethnic culture in local towns in the forest.

 the red leaves in Miyaluo
 Red leaves in Miyaluo

Guergou is famous for its natural hot spring. At the foot of the Guergou Mountains in Lixian County, Guergou hot spring pours out mineral hot water from the deep underground. The temperature is about 60°C and it benefits human body.

 Guergou autumn
Guergou is still in autumn in November

So it is suggested to check the weather forecast before you start your Jiuzhaigou tour. You can also contact us for more information about the local weather and whether there are still red leaves in your preferred travel time.

What to See in Jiuzhaigou in November

In the early November, tourists can see the 6 distinguish view of Jiuzhaigou: green lake, banked waterfall, colorful forest, snowy peak, Tibet culture and blue ice. If the weather is great, there might be some red and purple maple tree leaves left. Under the sunshine, white peak points at the blue sky, and the vivid forest sets the conflict off to the land of snow. One of the rarest views is half-iced lakes and the other one is half-frozen waterfalls. Ice and water co-exist in this fairyland, where the ice reflects sunshine and water accepts sunshine. Comprehensive grains in the surfaces of lakes make a spectacular picture.

green lake in November
Green lake in November

In the Late November, snow covers most of the region. The fairyland is so quiet and peaceful. Animals start their hibernation, so do the plants and trees. Jiuzhaigou Valley may be famous for its colorful leaves but actually it is always beautiful regardless of the season.

Accommodation in Jiuzhaigou

In November, some hotels and hostels in Jiuzhaigou choose to close for half a year and re-open in the next spring. But with the development of local economy situation, some high-class hotels remain opened for tourists who come on low seasons, and many youth hostels, too. The weather is quite cold, and no matter in hotel or in hostel, the electric blanket and thick warm quilt are definitely available.

 high-class hotels remain opened on low seasons
High-class hotels remain opened on low seasons

For the low season, it is not necessary to book a hotel in advance. But it is advised that do some research online before you chose one. Sometimes little guest house or less-famous boutique hotel gives you more than what you expected.

The price of accommodation is relatively lower than the peak season. It is achievable that spending equal amount money in better hotel than in busy period.

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