How about visit Jiuzhaigou in Spring? - Jiuzhaigou Weather Condition in March, April and May

Although it is said the most beautiful season of Jiuzhaigou is autumn, Jiuzhaigou is also with wonderful scenery in spring. Compared to Jiuzhaigou in autumn, Jiuzhaigou in spring is quieter and more vibrant, which reveals the energy and vitality of nature.You will be immersed in such lively scenery when you go to visit Jiuzhaigou in spring. In spring, Jiuzhaigou is not as bustling and noisy as that in autumn. You can just relax yourself to enjoy a poetic and picturesque spring in Jiuzhaigou. As spring is coming, the ice and snow in Jiuzhaigou begin to melt, the leaves begin to bud on the trees, the grass starts to turn green and the beautiful Jiuzhaigou starts to come to life.

Jiuzhaigou Valley in SpringJiuzhaigou Valley in Spring

If you go to tour Jiuzhaigou in spring, you can not only see amazing wild flowers full of the mountains and the plains, but also breathe the clean and fresh air and enjoy the ecological green. Jiuzhaigou in spring seems like a newborn baby. The flowers are in colorful blossom, which presents a gorgeous picture for you. The air is filled with fresh oxygen. The grasses and the trees are wearing new green clothes.

If you visit Jiuzhaigou in spring, you can avoid the peak tourist season and you can save more time for touring. In Jiuzhaigou, spring belongs to tourist off-season. There are not so many tourists in Jiuzhaigou so that it is not crowded. Therefore, you can have a quieter and more comfortable tour in Jiuzhaigou.

If you love the original and ecological green and the quiet environment, you can’t miss visiting Jiuzhaigou in spring. Before you go to Jiuzhaigou in spring, you may want to learn something about Jiuzhaigou weather condition in spring. Here, Jiuzhaigou weather condition in spring (March, April and May) are introduced.

Jiuzhaigou Green in SpringGreen Jiuzhaigou in Spring

Jiuzhaigou Weather in Spring

Located at an altitude between 2000 meters to 3100 meters, Jiuzhaigou climate belongs to plateau humid climate. The summit of Jiuzhaigou is covered with snow all year round. Jiuzhaigou is with a pleasant weather. It starts to get warm in spring, but the temperature is still a little bit low. The average temperature ranges from 5℃ to 11℃. There is a large temperature difference in morning and evening. During the daytime, it is sunny most of the time, but the temperature is very low at night. There are frozen soil and residual snow existing before April in Jiuzhaigou. It seldom rain here in spring.

Jiuzhaigou Weather in March

In March, it is still cold in Jiuzhaigou. There is some snow that has not melted completely in the lakes and on the pathways. The average temperature in March is from 6℃ to 12℃. There is also a large temperature difference in morning and evening. During the day, it is sunny; in the evening, the temperature drops a lot. And it hardly rains in March.

Jiuzhaigou Temperature and Weather in MarchJiuzhaigou Weather in March

Jiuzhaigou Weather in April

It is comparatively warm in April, but there is still a temperature difference in morning and evening. The average temperature of April is between 9℃ and 18℃. In the daytime, the average temperature is from 10℃ to 20℃. At night, the average temperature ranges from 4℃ to 10℃. At noon, the ultraviolet light in the sun is very strong. You are recommended to use sunscreen products.

Jiuzhaigou Temperature and Weather in AprilJiuzhaigou Weather in April

Jiuzhaigou Weather in May

In May, the temperature in Jiuzhaigou is not high. Because Jiuzhaigou is located in the plateau, there is a large temperature difference in Jiuzhaigou. The temperature in the morning and in the evening is around 9℃. It is sunny at noon and the temperature is 25℃~35℃. In Jiuzhaigou, May belongs to dry season. But in late May, it starts to rain more. You are recommended to take rain gears if you go to Jiuzhaigou at the end of May.

Jiuzhaigou Temperature and Weather in MayJiuzhaigou Weather in May

Dressing Guide

All things recovery in spring and you will have a vibrant and hopeful feeling in Jiiuzhaigou. In addition, there are a few tourists visit Jiuzhaigou in spring. Therefore, it is a good time for you to enjoy the quiet and lively Jiuzhaigou in spring. But the temperature is still low in spring. You are recommended to pay attention to keeping warm when you tour Jiuzhaigou.

Since there is a large temperature difference in spring in Jiuzhaigou, it is recommended to change your clothes according to the weather. Thick coats, thin coats and T-shirts are all necessary if you go to visit Jiuzhaigou in spring. In March, you need to wear down jackets and sweaters in the morning and in the evening. In April and May, it becomes warmer. You can only wear a thick coat in early morning and at night. At noon, you can take off the coat and only wear a T-shirt. If it is rainy, you are recommended to wear a thin sweater. Sunscreen products and moisturizing cream are also needed because of the strong sun UV.

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