Best Time to Visit Jiuzhaigou in Autumn - Detailed Jiuzhaigou Weather Condition in September, October and November

Jiuzhaigou, one of the most popular attractions all over the world, was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. From 1984, when Jiuzhaigou Valley had opened for the public for the first time, it annually attracted more than 1 million tourists to come. Although there is a saying that Jiuzhaigou is beautiful in different ways in different seasons, in fact autumn is wildly regarded as the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Situated at the northern of Sichuan province, Jiuzhaigou is famous for its colorful foliage and crystal water. In autumn, the forest turns to be covered by red, golden and purple leaves, and these bright colors reflect on the surface of green lakes, drawing a natural charming picture for people who come for her.

Colorful foliage in Jiuzhaigou
Colorful foliage in Jiuzhaigou

However, the color of the leaves differs from the month and the tourist traffic rate reach the top in October, which is the reason that it is highly suggested that planning your journey in advance if you are going to visit Jiuzhaigou in autumn, which is the peak of the peak season.

Is it worthwhile to go to Jiuzhaigou in autumn?

Yes. The autumn is the best season of all year because you can see the most famous and majestic view right through your eyes. October is the busiest but the most charming month of Jiuzhaigou, so do be prepared for your dreaming journey.

Jiuzhaigou Weather Condition in Autumn

The temperature of Jiuzhaigou in autumn is not stable. In September, unlike in Sichuan basin where the average temperature is about 30 degrees, the temperature of Jiuzhaigou starts to cool down. The highest temperature is about 28 degrees when the lowest comes down to 11 degrees with an average temperature of 20 degrees. In October, the temperature decreases much more than in September, making it the best time to see the red leaves. The lowest temperature goes down to 7 degrees at the night of late October. Actually in plain region, down coat may not be needed, but in high-altitude place like Jiuzhaigou, bringing a warm coat or jacket is very necessary. When it comes to November in Jiuzhaigou, the temperature strictly descends to lower than 0 degree and most of the region would be covered by snow, and the lakes and waterfalls begin to frozen.

The total amount of rainfalls in autumn is relatively less than in summer time, and this is the beginning of dry season. In September, the total amount of precipitation is about 70mm, and 20 days of September sprinkle. In October, the total amount descends to about 50mm and goes down to 25 mm in late autumn. Thanks to decreasing rainfalls, the possibility of land slide and mud-rock flows is smaller.

The waterfall in autumn in Jiuzhaigou
The waterfall in autumn in Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Altitude Sickness

Tourists should pay more attention about the UV level because the summer is gone but the UV level is not as weak as in plain regions. The average altitude of Jiuzhaigou is about 2800m and the highest point is 3100m, thus the air there is too thin. In autumn, the sun cream is still essential.

High altitude means less oxygen which would cause altitude stress including swirl, chest congestion, and breathing disorders. Jiuzhaigou doesn’t recommend people with cardiopathy or hypertension to come. Even for normal people, it would be better that not drinking in Jiuzhaigou nor exercising too much when you just arrived there. Eating fruit and vegetables would help.

To overcome the altitude stress, you can bring some medicine with you, and eat Rhodiola rosea 2 weeks before you go to Jiuzhaigou. Always bring a bottle of oxygen.

What to Wear When Visit Jiuzhaigou in Autumn

The temperature difference in autumn in Jiuzhaigou is huge. The highest temperature in early autumn would reach 28 degrees in the noon but the lowest would goes down to 10 degrees within the same day. Therefore, a warm sweater and jacket is very essential in case you caught the cold.

Because of the strong UV level, you’d better wear a hat, paint enough sun cream on your skin wherever would expose under the sunshine, and duplicate filling sun cream product every 2 hours or 1 hour if you are all sweat.

The moisturize is important because in autumn, the dry season, the water content in the air is not enough for your skin.

Please remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. A pair of new shoes may be fancy and beautiful, but it is not right for your journey in Jiuzhaigou.

Remember to bring a bottle of oxygen and prepare some medicine.

Things to Know before Visiting Jiuzhaigou in Autumn

In September, the visitor traffic rate decreases a lot after Chinese summer holiday, so that you can enjoy the view quietly and peacefully without being pushed by the tourist crowds. The world is silent. Although the autumn is coming, it is a little bit early to see the red leaves. During this period in Huanglong, which located in a higher altitude region with lower temperature, some leaves start to turn to golden. If you really want to see the majestic view of colorful foliage, Huanglong National Park is a good alternative.

Leaves turn to golden in September in Jiuzhaigou
Leaves turn to golden in September in Jiuzhaigou

In October, one of the most popular seasons of Jiuzhaigou, the tourist flow rate reaches the top, so does the beautiful level of Jiuzhaigou. Thanks to the National Day at the beginning of October, Jiuzhaigou would welcome more than 40 thousand visitors to come. During this time, the maple leaves begin to turn golden and red, and in the higher forest, some leaves are purple. The view is charming and all natural.

Charming view in autumn in Jiuzhaigou
Charming view in autumn in Jiuzhaigou

In November, the temperature keeps going down. The forest becomes a fairyland with snow. The total amount of tourists is decreasing, which brings a peaceful and tender white world to you. Also, in late November, hot spring in Jiuzhaigou is not only special but also necessary for a tired tourist.

Tender white world in November in Jiuzhaigou
Tender white world in November in Jiuzhaigou

Except for October, the cost of visiting Jiuzhaigou is affordable. The price of transportation, tickets and accommodation are more reasonable, and you don’t have to book them 1 month earlier before you go to Jiuzhaigou.

What to See in Jiuzhaigou in Autumn

In autumn, Jiuzhaigou is like a wonderland. The golden and red leaves are reflected in the green lakes, the white peaks of mountains point right to the blue sky, and some leaves fall off the trees and go with the rivers, which consists of a gorgeous picture. Jiuzhaigou in autumn is full of powerful colors. The red is fire and the blue is jewelry when the white is just like pearl scattering in the mountains.

Powerful colors in autumn in Jiuzhaigou
Powerful colors in autumn in Jiuzhaigou

In late autumn, the view changed. Without tons of visitors, Jiuzhaigou starts its rest period. The grass, the trees, the leaves and the animals are all preparing to go to sleep. It’s so quiet and peaceful that just like a heaven.

Accommodation in Jiuzhaigou

In autumn, there are 2 situations. In September and November, the accommodation in Jiuzhaigou is easy to find, and you can even use the same price as in October to enjoy a better service because the visitors are less.

But in October, you have to book a room in advance, or you would have no place to stay. The price in autumn varies a lot. In October, the price of a room in a high-end hotel could be 3 times more than in November, as well as in the local guest house.

High-end hotel in Jiuzhaigou
High-end hotel in Jiuzhaigou

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