When is the Best Time to Visit Huanglong National Park? - Detailed Huanglong Weather Conditions

In terms of sceneries, Sichuan province ranks high in the world. The huge fall more than 7000 meters makes here rich and colorful natural scenery. Among those high elevation landscapes of Sichuan province, Huanglong, the only one plateau wetland which is well-preserved in China, has its unique beauty, and is famous for its autumn scenery.

When is the Best Time to Visit Huanglong National Park

Both of Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou are more noted for their autumn scenery. However, Huanglong sometimes may be overshadowed by the other one. In winter, Huanglong is closed due to the cold weather and freezing icy road. The earth is frostbound overnight, and the sky shines brilliant blue, setting off the silver and rolling mountains. Thoughit is a pity that we could notpersonally visit its winter, we still could have a glimpse of this pure white world during early spring. Though in dry season, lakes still remain its crystal blue by comparison with the white, icy trees and snow-capped mountains. The soft earth is moist with melting snow and ice, andrivers rising, the world starts to turn green, with thedecorations of rhododendron. In summer, wet season arriving, the flowers bloom and trees turn into lush green. It is lush green everywhere you look as you stroll down the wooden road. A prosperity of lakes and shoals never seen before appeared in summer. However, when autumn arrives, the world changes itself to fairy one with everything reaching its most beauty.

There is no doubt that the best time to visit Huanglong is October, and the view of Huanglong has distinct characters of plateau scenery. In autumn, surrounded by lush lawns and blooming trees, the snow-capped mountains and crystal liked lakes set each other off beautifully. Compared with the chilling, harsh beauty of winter and spring, Huanglong in autumn seems to be more lively, all kinds of beauty gathering here at once. It is unworthy to visit here without enjoying its beauty in October.

Autumn scenery in Huanglong National Park
Autumn scenery in Huanglong National Park

Why is Autumn the Best Time to Visit Huanglong

As the most attractive month, October belongs to peak season, and the ticket fare is 200 RMB. The first seven days of October is national holiday, and major tourist destinations around China will witness the travel peak, so does Huanglong Park. Working man could make full use of this holiday, while others could visit here after national holiday. Avoid this peak, and you will have a better experience of this landscape.

Due to the high altitude, the spring of Huanglong is not as vibrant as others spots. The accumulated snow and low temperature may be a great challenge for some tourists. Before the arriving of rainy season, the lakes, especially multicolored ponds, are far from its best beautiful. Only in autumn, the sunshine and light wind dance on the lake, shaking the crystal-liked ponds into pieces. The lady of autumn makes a wonderful transformation of the plants, and they stand in full beauty, as colorful as the ponds which they are surrounding by. The layers of the scenery are more distinctive and richer than it ever were.

The lady of autumn makes a wonderful scenery of Huanglong National Park
The lady of autumn makes a wonderful scenery of Huanglong National Park

Huanglong Weather Condition

The weather of October tends to be gentle than others months. In summer, it can reach 30°C and falls below zero during winter. Starting from September, the temperature drops steadily, and the average temperature of October varies from 5°C to 18°C. The highest temperature reaches 26°C in the day, while in the night, the temperature may as low as 0°C. It is worth noting that the temperature in the mountain may be lower than imagination, so keeping warm is one of the top three issues to visit here. Having distinctive characters of plateau climate, Huanglong National Park has a large temperature difference between day and night. With a higher temperature and feeling of late summer, early and mid-October are recommended in the whole month.

After the rainy season of July and August, the rainfall keeps decrease from then on.

During October, over 12 days will be cloudy days with light rain about 39mm total rainfall, and only 6 days will be sunny day. Compared to rainy season, the less rainfall makes your journey away from disasters, such as landslide. However, the wooden boardwalk used for climbing would be slippery after rain and fog, which needs to pay much attention when you visit here. The cloudy weather may make tourists feel comfortable, while the high UV level is noteworthy especially in sunny days.

Daily Temperature of Huanglong in October,2016
Daily Temperature of Huanglong in October,2016

Altitude of Huanglong National Park

Having an average altitude of 3300 meters, Huanglong is the only one plateau wetland that is well-preserved in China. Multicolored pond, the highest spot of Huanglong, reaches 4000 meters, and the scenic gate which is located at the foot of the mountain reaches 3070 meters, 800 meters higher than Jiuzhaigou spot. Given that altitude stress will appear over 2700 meters, it is unsuitable for the tourists who are suffering from cardiovascular disease or hypertension. For others tourists, oxygen carriers or oxygen bottles are essential equipment.

Oxygen bottles are essential equipment for some tourists
Oxygen bottles are essential equipment for some tourists

For those who are not enthusiastic in mountain climbing, cable car in Huanglong National Park is good choice. The cable car will bring tourists from the altitude of 3500 meters to 3900 meters in 2 minutes, which could help you to keep up strength. Do not have strenuousexercise in such a place with high altitude.

Cable car in Huanglong National Park
Cable car in Huanglong National Park

What to See in Huanglong National Park

The tour route is h-shaped, and going up by cable car and down by foots is the suggested way to visiting Huanglong. The cableway is bidirectional, and 80 RMB for going up and 60 RMB for down. Most scenic spots are concentrated on a line, including Multicolored Ponds, Huanglong temple, Xishen cave, and so on. After reaching the highest spot Multicolored Ponds, the route is all downhill from here to the finish, and the spots will be visited in order.

Multicolored Ponds in Huanglong National Park
Multicolored Ponds

The multicolored ponds, snow-capped mountains, breathtaking canyons and boundless forests are four representative views of Huanglong Park. Different from the lakes of Jiuzhaigou, Multicolored Ponds has its unique beauty. Travertine funnels, lakes, falls and beaches widely occur in the Huanglong area. Along with the ups and downs of terrain, the travertine banked up and formed stepped distribution, and finally, the colorful lakes came into being. Every flourishing tree, snow-capped mountain and vast sky stands out against dazzling crystal lakes. Other spots like Huanglong temple, without colorful lakes and calcified landscape, it flourishes by its rich religious culture. Broad imposing manner, simple and unsophisticated style, the temple shows the mutual influence of the religious cultures of Tibet and Han nationality.

Huanglong temple in Huanglong National Park
Huanglong temple in Huanglong National Park

Besides Huanglonggou, Mounigou, a new scenic spot of Huanglong Park, now rise to fame. Famous for travertine waterfalls, sea of flowers, lakes, hot springs and stalactites, Mounigou attracts more and more tourists today. Zhaga falls, the biggest travertine falls of the world, sounds as ambitious as thunder. Water flowing beside the trees, lakes hiding inside the forest, the wonderful landscape has a dreamlike air.

Zhaga falls in Mounigou
Zhaga falls

What to Bring for a Huanglong Tour

Oxygen bottles are essential. Pay attention to the weather forecast in advance, and prepare an umbrella or rain coat just in case.Even if there is no rain today, the wooden boardwalk will be slippery after the fog in morning and evening, so antiskid shoes is needed when walk down the hill. Tourists need to carry sun glasses and sun cream with themselves to defend UV rays. Choosing a satisfying snack that will give you energy to burn is important especially in Huanglong Park. Prepare an extra coat to keep warm at the top of mountain.

How to Get to Huanglong National Park

Only 144km from Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, Huanglong has direct bus set off from Jiuzhaigou in busy season. Driving from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong will take you two hours. After 7:00am in October, shuttle bus is available from Songpan County to Huanglong Park.

Where to Live in Huanglong

Given that one-day trip is enough to visit Huanglong, you can book a hotel in Jiuzhaigou or Songpan, and start from there at morning. During October, ordering a hotel may be a litter difficult. It is highly suggested that book the room in advance because of the huge passenger flow. There is no hotel or restaurant around scenic spot, so make sure that you have bought enough food before your trip.

Hotel nearby Jiuzhaigou National Park
Hotel nearby Jiuzhaigou National Park

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