Genie Holy Mountain Weather & Climate

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Genie Mountain stands in the Genie Mountain Scenic Spot in Reke Township, Litang County. The Spot covers an area of about 500 square kilometers. The climate belongs to the Subtropical plateau climate, and it features low temperature, long winter, long sun exposure, strong ultraviolet radiation, stong wind, and clear difference between dry season and wet season.

The area has a long cold winter with a dry climate and a short cool summer with a wet climate. The annual average temperature is 3.2 degrees. The extremely highest temperature is 24 degrees and the lowest is -30 degrees. The annual average sunshine time is about 2600 hours and the amount of radiation is 160 kcal per square centimeters.

Genie Holy Mountain seen from HupibaGenie Holy Mountain seen from Hupiba

Best Time to Visit the Genie Mountain

Genie Mountain areas have the clear dry and wet seasons. Different seasons for the different nature beauties. The best time to visit is the months of April, May, June, September and October.

Xiaozha Valley in the AutumnXiaozha Valley in the Autumn

The months from November to the next March are the cold winter of Genie Mountain areas. It is extremely cold. When you plan to visit Genie Mountain area in the winter, please pack enough down jacket, thermal cloth and warm shoes. July and August are the rainy months. It is not recommended to go there at these two months. But you can see the various wild flowers and colorful plants. Due to the continuous rains and mist, it is hard to see the main peak of Genie Mountain.

The months of September and October are the autumn when tourists can see clear sky, golden grass, dark green water and "Caolin" meaning varicolored forest. It is a good time to walk and hike in Genie Mountain areas.

Lenggu Temple in the WinterLenggu Temple in the Winter

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