Genie Holy Mountain Transportation

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Located at Reke Township of Litang County, Genie Holy Mountain is one of the holy mountains in Tibetan areas. It is about 70 kilometers away from the Litang county. With the elevation of 6204 meters, Genie Mountain is the third high mountain is Sichuan Province. On the Genie Mountain trip, the hiking from Hupiba to Lenggu Monastery is the focus and the natural landscapes are the most beautiful.

The road from Litang county to Zhangna townshipThe road from Litang county to Zhangna township

From Litang county to Genie Mountain

All tourists who want to visit Genie Holy Mountain have to enter into it from the Litang county. At the county, it is convenient to rent a private car or van to Lamaya township (3700m), and then tourists can only choose hike or ride a horse to Naiganduo Village (3710m), by the way of Lazayakou (4100m), Xiazetong Village (3780m), Moyalakayakou (3913m); or to Zhangna township and then hike or ride a horse to Naiganduo Villlage. Afterwards, hiking or horse riding to Hupiba (3900m) and Lenggu Monastery (4150m).

Route 1: Litang county (4014m) - 80km - Lamaya township (3700m) - 2.8km - Lazayakou (4100m) - 4km - Xiazetong Village (3780m) - 3.5km - Moyalakayakou (3913m) - 1.5km - Naiganduo Village (3710m) - 7km - Hupiba (3900m) - 3km - Lenggu Monastery (4150m)

Route 2: Litang county (4014m) - 81km - Zhangna township (3700m) - 6km - Naiganduo Village (3710m) - 7km - Hupiba (3900m) - 3km - Lenggu Monastery (4150m)

Horse Riding to Genie MountainHorse Riding to Genie Mountain

From Chengdu to Litang county

At present, tourists can choose the ways below to get to the Litang county, including flight, regular bus and private car.

1. By flight + regular bus/ car

Chengdu has a flight flying to Kangding airports at 09:40 every day. Tourist can take the airport express to the Kangding county and then take the regular bus departing at 06:00 and 09:00 from Kangding Bus Station to Litang; or rent a private car or van to Litang. The road is G318 with a good condition. The distance between Kangding and Litang is 290km and the driving time is about 5 hours.

Route: Chengdu Shuangliu Airport - by flight ( 09:00 ) - Kangding Airport - airport express - Kangding county - regular bus / car ( 290km, 5 hours ) - Litang

2. By regular long-distance bus

At Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station, there is one bus to Litang departing at 10:00. The bus is running between Chengdu and Daocheng and passes by Litang county. The bus will stop one night at Kangding county and departs at 6:00 in the next morning. In order to avoid losing the bus, it is highly recommended to take a regular long-distance bus from Chengdu to Kangding and then change bus to Litang next day. There is 17 buses every day departing from Chengdu Chengbei Bus Station, Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station, Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station, Chengdu Shiyangchang Bus Station.

Bus 1: Chengdu - regular bus ( departing at 10:00 ) - Litang ( arrive at Litang next day )

Bus 2: Chengdu - regular bus ( 361km, 7.5 hours ) - Kangding - regular bus ( 290km, 5 hours ) - Litang

Renting a Private Car to Genie MountainRenting a Private Car to Genie Mountain

3. By private car/ van

It is a good choice to rent a private car/ van from Chengdu to Litang. The distance is about 613km and the driving time is about 10 hours. It is also convenient and lets you be able to arrive at Litang in one day. The road is G318 with a good condition.

In Chengdu, there are many travel agencies like who can offer car rental service. If you need a car in your Sichuan tour, just feel free to tell us your tour plan and the number of your group, we can arrange different cars according to your needs.

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