Genie Holy Mountain Brief Introduction and Attractions

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Situated at the Reke Township of Litang County, Genie Holy Mountain, also named Geyen Mountain, with an elevation of 6204m, is the thirteenth holy mountain among twenty-four holy mountains of Tibetan Buddhism and is the third highest mountain in Sichuan after Gongga Mountain and Siguniangshan Mountain. The mountain is about 70km away from the Litang county. Nowadays, tourists can go to to see the Mountain by renting a car to Zhangna township or Lamaya township and then riding a horse or hike there.

Genie Holy Mountain seen from HupibaGenie Holy Mountain seen from Hupiba

The surroundings are the peaks, old-growth forest, grassland, lakes, hot spring, temples, Tibetan villages, etc. At present, the large areas are classified as Genie Natural Reserve, covering 500 square kilometers. The areas have the features of "supernatural, magnificent, and beautiful". The main peak of Genie Mountain is covered with white snow. Under the sunlight, it is glittering. Standing at two or three hundred kilometers away, you can also view the spectacular peaks towering straight into the clouds. The mountainside is dotted with the forest of spruce, fir and Quercus aquifoloides, among them with cliffside spring waterfalls. Under the mountain are vast grasslands and forests, and clear blue lakes. All these beautiful strange landscapes enhance each other's beauty. The natural ecological totally preserved.

Actually, there are many mountains in the areas and three peaks are the most beautiful including Genie Main Peak (6204m), Xiaozha Holy Mountain (5807m) and Kemailong Holy Mountain (5780m). The mountains are the favorite place for the mountaineers at home and abroad. In the recent years, there are many mountaineers who have climbed to the tops. Under the mountains, there are several attractions to visit, such as Lenggu Temple, Xiaozha Lake, Hupiba, etc.

Xiaozha Valley in AutumnXiaozha Valley in Autumn

The Attractions of Genie Mountain Areas

Lenggu Temple

Lenggu Temple, also named as Renggo Temple, with an elevation of is the 4200m, nestles the Xiaozha Mountain and faces the Genie Mountain. It was built in 1164 and one of three temples of Gamagaju sects. At the period of great prosperity, the temple had more than 2000 lamas.

In the Temple, there is a 70-centimeter-high wooden figure of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with eleven surfaces. It is the work of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. This figure reflects the interflow of Buddhism culture of Han and Tibetan nationalities. In addition, there are three treasures of Temple: a female antler, an anti-helical conch and a white rare stone honored as "the heart of Genie". Standing in front of the temple, you can see the magnificent Geni main peak.

Lenggu Temple under Genie MountainLenggu Temple under Genie Mountain

Xiaozha Lake

Xiaozha Lake is located at the mountainside of Xiaozha Mountain. The lake is the must-visit when traveling to the Genie Mountain area, though the road to the lake is very rugged and dangerous. The color of the water is the most changeful in a day. It is said that it takes one whole day to walk around the Lake. No far away from the lake, there is a cliffside waterfall named Xiaozha Waterfall with 80-meter height and 15-meter width. The other big waterfall is Ginie Waterfall which is about 20 meters heigh and 5 meters width. In the winter, the waterfall will become pure white ice pillar which is glittering under the sunshine.

Xiaozha LakeXiaozha Lake


Hupiba is at the elevation of 3900m. It is named because of the continuous forests. When coming here in the autumn, you can see "Cailin" meaning that the green leaves turns into yellow and mix with other colors leaves, which look like a colorful tiger skin, so it is called Hupiba in Chinese.

Hupiba is a good place to have a camp. It is 13km away from Zhangna township and just 3km to Lenggu Temple. There is a large flat ground for building a bonfire. In the evening, tourists can dance Guozhuang with local Tibetans and the travel leader. Camping at the Hupiba will be one of your special travel experiences.


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