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With the elevation of 6204 meters, Genie Holy Mountain is the third highest peak in the Sichuan Province. It is located in Reke Township of Litang County at 99.8 degrees east longitude and 29.8 degrees north latitude. Around Genie Mountain are there tens of mountains more than 5000m.

It is able to be conquered by the mountaineers. In the August of 1987, Feitian Hefu and Yiteng Zhelang and other 10 people climbed to the peak of Genie Mountain for the first time. Since then, the Mountain is the favorite for the mountaineers. According to the latest announcement, all mountaineers need to apply for the permission at Sports Bureau of Sichuan Province and register in the Mountaineering Association of Sichuan Province.

The Main Peak of Genie Holy MountainThe Main Peak of Genie Holy Mountain

Best Time to Climb Genie Mountain

Due to the high elevation and highland climate, the best time to mountaineer Genie Holy Mountain is the months of April, May, June, September and October. July and August are the rainy season of Genie Mountain area, so do not plan to mountaineer at that time. However, it is a good time to enjoy the various colorful flowers all over the mountains and it has a little chance to see the main peak of Genie Mountain.

The Cailin under Genie Holy MountainThe Cailin under Genie Holy Mountain

Best Routes to Climb Genie Mountain

It is about 80km highroad from Litang county to Lamaya township or to Zhangna township. Stay overnight at the guest room in the township. Then one have the below three routes climb the Genie Mountain.

Route 1. From the northeastern slope

In the second day, tourists can rent a horse to reach to the Gamunei Valley in which Lenggu Temple is located. The next day to start climbing from the Camp by the lake beside the Lenggu Temple. The route passes through flowstone valley where there are flying stones in the summer and snow cover and frozen waterfalls in the winter. The slope is 70 degrees and the height difference is about 1000m. The mountaineers need wield rapid climbing skills.

The Valley seen from the Brae of Genie MountainThe Valley seen from the Brae of Genie Mountain

Route 2. From the southern slope

One day is needed to ride a horse from the two township to the Gecaiqinduo which is a pasture. The Camp is arranged in the pasture. There are many ways to reach to the peak of Genie Mountain along the southern slope and the southern slope is gentle. But there is large glacier rode. The distance is the longest one.

Route 3. From the western slope

The road to the Camp of the wester slope is rugged and it is not convenient for horse to reach. The slope is steep. It is the most difficult to clime from the western slope.

No matter which slope do you choose, it is highly recommended to hire a local leader and horse. The local leader is familiar with the road condition and the local climate changes. They can offer special care for your mountaineering.

Climbing Genie Mountain from the Southern SlopeClimbing Genie Mountain from the Southern Slope

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