Top 12 Chengdu Food Street and Street Food Market Unmissable in Your Chengdu Tour

Designated the UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Panda City is the top culinary destination in the People's Republic of China. So, if you let your belly choose destinations to travel to for you, it will inevitably take you to Chengdu. There, you can explore various food streets and markets or join a guided tour for a premium experience. Now, let's see what the top 12 Chengdu street food areas that you shouldn't miss are.

Jinli Street

Jinli Street is the number 1 destination for gourmands in Panda City. This atmospheric place abounds with commercial facilities and historical places. However, you will likely come to Jinli Street to eat as much as to sightsee.

Jinli Street

Jinli Street

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Jinli Street

While there, consider having Lu Cai, a traditional Chinese spicy dish containing vegetables and meat served with soup. Liang Mian is another highlight, comprising noodles, veggies, and various sauces, including soy and sesame. To enjoy eating food as much as watching cooks prepare it, opt for Three Big Cannons. Its main ingredients are rice balls, sugar syrup, ground sesame, and soy.

Three Big Cannons in Jinli

Three Big Cannons in Jinli

How to Get to Jinli Street

Jinli is a pedestrian street popular among street-food enthusiasts. Located next to the Wuhou Memorial Temple (231 Wuhou Hall Street), it is accessible by buses 1, 57, 82, 334, 335 and 1126. Alight at the Wu Hou Ci Station.

Tourist Attractions near Jinli Street

Besides the temple, you can see Liu Bei's Tomb or attend a Chinese opera performance at Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera. Puppet shows also take place in Jinli Street. To make the most of your visit to this part of Chengdu, book the Half-day Chengdu Night View & Food Tour by 3rdpoletour.

Kuanzhai Alley

Kuanzhai Alley is a touristy and historic place, teeming with impressive villas, gardens, and other appealing features. Consisting of Jing, Kuan and Zhai alleys, it is also one of the epicenters of local gastronomy. It is also known as Wide and Narrow Alley.

Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley

Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Kuanzhai Alley

During your Chengdu food tour in Kuanzhai Alley, taste Tangyougouzi, a dish containing crispy sticky-rice noodles covered with sweet molasses. Sichuan Hot Pot is another great dish, which is especially popular among fans of spicy food. Its key ingredients are pork or beef meat and chili peppers among some other Chinese spices.

Sichuan Hot Pot

Taste Sichuan Hot Pot in Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley

How to Get to Kuanzai Alley

The location of Kuanzhai Alley is near Renmin and Chengdu Culture parks. To get there, you can catch metro 4 and take off at the namesake station.

Tourist Attractions near Kuanzhai Alley

Shufeng Yayun Opera House is one of the highlights in the area, located some 15 minutes by walking from the Wide & Narrow Alley. Qingyang Temple, Horse-hitching statue, and Wenshu Monastery are some top tourist points of interest you will likely see on the Chengdu street food tour there.

Kuixinglou Street

Kuixinglou Street, near Kuanzhai Alley, is another culinary hotspot of the Sichuan capital, abounding with restaurants and eateries serving diverse local specialties. Here, you can also have western and Japanese meals, among others, both for gourmands and vegetarians.

Chengdu Kuixinglou Street

Chengdu Kuixinglou Street

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Kuixinglou Street

In Kuinxinglou Street, you have a wide variety of delicious Chinese dishes to choose from. Noodles, pancakes, milkshakes, pork-based dishes, and cakes are a few available options. Some of the most reputable eateries in this part of Chengdu are Taolin, Mao Jiao Huo La, Yilaoda's Egg Pancake, Shaocheng Weidao, and Xiemaosen Traditional Zhong.

How to Get to Kuixinglou Street

You can get to Kuixinglou Street by metro 4 or buses 30, 48, 54, and 341.

Tourist Attractions near Kuixinglou Street

Besides Kuanzhai Alley, you can visit Du Fu Caotang, a house of an 8th-century Chinese poet nearby.

Wenshu Fang

In the central Quingyang District of Panda City, you will find Wenshu Fang at the 15 Wenshuyuan Street address. This area is another pride of this UNESCO-designated city of gastronomy, offering a variety of food opportunities for fans of foreign and local cuisine.

Chengdu Wenshu Fang

Chengdu Wenshu Fang

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Wenshu Fang

Some specialties you should seek out, in particular, are rice dumplings and Longchaoshou. Longchaoshou is a broth containing pork meat, vegetables, and dought. Another dish most travelers happily eat is Mr. Lai's glutinous rice balls with sesame. It is a dish suitable for epicures on a controlled diet since it is gluten-, lactose-, and egg-free vegetarian meal.

Chengdu Famous Food street in Wenshu Fang

Chengdu Famous Food street in Wenshu Fang

How to Get to Wenshu Fang

You can get there conveniently by metro 1 (Wenshuyuan Station).

Tourist Attractions near Wenshu Fang

Wenshu Monastery, a Buddhist temple with teahouse, and the Jinjiang River are some top tourist points of interest near Wenshu Fang. Also, check out the Chengdu food guided tour that reveals all you need to know.

Shaxixian Food Street

Shaxixian is one of the main Chengdu food streets located outside of the downtown area. Your effort will be worthwhile when you find Chinese dishes originated countrywide in Shaxixian Street. Plus, you are likely to find their prices more affordable than in other culinary hotspots of Panda City.

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Shaxixian Food Street

Besides restaurants, you can browse street food stalls selling specialties such as pancakes and dumplings, among many other alternatives. Some popular options are a spicy Dandan noodles bowl, a Sichuan snack comprising pork meat and chili oil, and Guo Kui, whose principal ingredients are pancakes and dumplings.

Chengdu Famous Food Dandan Moodles

Chengdu Famous Food Dandan Moodles

How to Get to Shaxixian Food Street

You can reach this foodie destination next to the second ring road by combining metro 1 or a few buses (3, 56, 56A, 93, and 101) and a bit of walking.

Tourist Attractions near Shaxixian Food Street

Once you satisfy your hunger for Chinese specialties, visit the Chengdu International Exhibition and Conference Center, staging trade shows and various exhibitions.

Yangxixian Food Street

Yangxixian is a quintessential street-food hub in the Land of Abundance, which is how many Chinese refer to the capital of Sichuan. There, you can find anything from budget to high-end food, both from various regions of China and abroad.

Yangxixian Food Street

Yangxixian Food Street

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Yangxixian Food Street

Once you get there, treat yourself with Xi’an Dumplings and Roujiamo, both originally from Xi'an, and Hotpot, of course. Or opt for barbecue, fried duck, and dry fruits among everything else. Grab a quick meal or take your time by making the most of it at a reputable restaurant, such as Hongxing, Ginkgo, and Chaohuangge.

How to Get to Yangxixian Food Street

The location of Yangxixian is to the west of Zhonggulou Square in Beilin District, and some buses commuting there are 7, 37, 48, 51, 69, 83, 339, and 802.

Tourist Attractions near Yangxixian Food Street

While in this part of the UNESCO City of Gastronomy, pay a visit to Yongling Park, the on-site museum, and Wang Jian's tomb.

Funan Hotpot Street

If you are a passionate Hotpot fan, you should head to Funan Hotpot Street, which is a stone's throw from the Yangxixian food area. There, you will find a few dozen restaurants of various sizes specializing in this beloved Chinese dish.

Chengdu Funan Hotpot Street

Chengdu Funan Hotpot Street

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Funan Hotpot Street

Some varieties you can sample there are Yellow Catfish Hot Pot, Liu Yishou Hotpot, Shan Zhen Hotpot, and Zhao Laosi Hotpot. Besides goose intestinal and fish versions, you may opt for specialties comprising chicken, shrimp, and bamboo, among other components.

How to Get to Funan Hotpot Street

Buses that run to this area are 7, 37, 48, 51, 69, 83, 339, and 802. You can use these buses to get to Yangxixian, as well.

Tourist Attractions near Funan Hotpot Street

Wan Jian’s Tomb and Yongling Park are the key tourist attractions near Funan Hotpot Street.

Thatched Cottage Food Circle

Thatched Cottage Food Circle is another iconic destination for a Chengdu food and street food tour. It encompasses various roads of the Land of Abundance, including Qintai, west Jinli, Qingjiang, Qinghua, and Fanlin.

Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Thatched Cottage Food Circle

Some unmissable specialties of the Chinese cuisine you are bound to find here are Beijing roast duck and potted shrimps. In case you wonder, hotpot is also available, and some varieties that are unlikely to miss the eye are Konglial eel and Dezhuang, both originally from Chongqing. If cold pot appeals to you more than hot, you will likely find this particular food in Thatched Cottage Food Circle.

How to Get to Thatched Cottage Food Circle

A great many buses take food aficionados to this particular part of Chengdu. The ones operating to Qinghua Road are 20, 35, 59, 82, 165, 170, and 219. To get to Qingjiang Road, catch 5, 13, 47, 59A, 64, 78, or 81.

Tourist Attractions near Thatched Cottage Food Circle

A few leading tourist attractions in the area are Huanhuaxi Park, Sichuan Museum, and Qingyang Temple.

Yuling Living Square

Yuling Living Square is the right place for gourmands that tend to get hungry at night. Moreover, it is one of the most laid-back foodie areas in Chengdu.

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Yuling Living Square

You can think of Yuling Living Square as of a street-food market, although there are restaurants and bars available, too. Whether you are a fan of conventional or unconventional food, the variety of options will surprise you. Some specialties regularly on offer there are lamb and rabbit meats on barbecue, shrimps served with veggies, hotpots, rabbit brain, and stews.

Chengdu Yuling Living Square

Chengdu Yuling Living Square

How to Get to Yuling Living Square

Its location is in South Chengdu, next to the 2nd ring road. To get to Yuling Living Square, take the 1006 or 153 bus and travel to Yuling East Road Station. Once you take off the bus, this culinary paradise will be a short walk away.

Tourist Attractions near Yuling Living Square

Wangjiang Tower, next to the Jinjiang River to the east, is the nearest attraction, but you'll need some form of transfer to get there.

Lingshiguan Road (Consulate Road)

Unlike the name of this road may suggest, you don't need consul's wages to eat there. On the contrary, a street food tour of Consulate Road is quite affordable for the most part.

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Lingshiguan Road

This street food destination in Panda City has a wide variety of Chinese dishes, virtually from every part of the country, on offer. However, Spicy Fragrant Crab is among the dishes you should try there sooner rather than later. Most eateries along Consulate Road, Chengdu, specialize in this particular specialty. But, if you like extra-spicy specialties, opt for hot pot at Kuaile Laoija Restaurant.

Chengdu Lingshiguan Road famous Food street

Chengdu Lingshiguan Road famous Food street

How to Get to Lingshiguan Road

From the downtown area, you can get to Lingshiguan Road by metro 1. Get off at the Nijiaqiao Station and you’ll be right there.

Tourist Attractions near Lingshiguan Road

Wangjiang Tower and the Jinjiang River are the closest attractions travelers are interested in. These are a short drive by car away to the east.

Huaxing Street

Located in Jinjiang District, Huaxing Street is long just enough for a short, but rewarding Chengdu food tour.

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Huaxing Street

The iconic specialty that makes this particular part of the Sichuan capital stand out is noodles with egg-fried rice. And small wonder since this dish originated during the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from the 17th to the 20th century.

Chengdu Huaxing Street famous Food noodles with egg-fried rice

Chengdu Huaxing Street famous Food noodles with egg-fried rice

Little changed about this type of food since then, which is served in equally authentic utensils, such as copper scoops and bronze tripods. Besides basic ingredients, tomato and green vegetables are some other components of this traditional dish.

How to Get to Huaxing Street

Take Renmin E Road and Shudu Avenue from Tianfu Square to the east, and you will get there in less than half an hour on foot.

Tourist Attractions near Huaxing Street

Aside from noodles, you can enjoy performing arts at Jinjiang Theatre in Huaxing Street.

Wangping Food District

Wangping Food District, located in the homonymous residential neighborhood, is among the oldest culinary districts in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan.

Chengdu Wangping Food District

Chengdu Wangping Food District

Chengdu Famous Food to Eat in Wangping Food District

Travelers that wish to acquaint themselves with Chinese gastronomy can hardly find a better place to do so. Any specialty of Chinese origin is likely to be there, so don't hesitate to take a Chengdu food tour in this area. Hotpot is among the safe bets in this food area, as well as stir-fried noodles and Sichuan pork.

How to Get to Wangping Food District

Metro line 2 operates to Wangping Food District. When going from the city center, alight at the Dongmen Bridge Station when you get to the other side of the Jinjiang River.

Tourist Attractions near Wangping Food District

Once you complete your meal, return to the river to admire scenic Dongmen Bridge.

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With so many food streets, districts, and markets in the Land of Abundance, you may explore for years and still find something new. Before you start your Chengdu street food tour, though, note that dishes are very likely to taste differently (read: authentically) than elsewhere, even though their names are the same. After all, the capital of Sichuan isn't the UNESCO City of Gastronomy for nothing.

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